Thursday, October 22, 2009


Would have been nice of me to let you know I would be not posting for a few days right?
Sorry about that.

It's been a hectic week to say the least and my family is visiting from Europe.
So kicking it back in South Beach, FL. and showing them around.
I don't know if you can make out the satisfied smirk on my face behind the glasses........
My nephews, niece and my sister and I walked off the beach, an we walked past a " beach exercise area" of pull up bars and dip bars. We watched the tanned "hot-bods" do their thing. Then my 13 year old nephew wanted to try and asked me if I could do those dips and pull ups ;-)
I walked in there with nephew and after an intial look from the "hot-bods" with an expression that read "what you want here pops?", I busted out 15 super slow dead hang pull ups. Jumped of and did 30 dips. Not only was my nephew smiling wide.......but two of the "hot bods" shot me an approving glance and I got one thumbs up. Lunch outside under the palm trees was especially satifying.

Be back soon with some thoughts on how to stay on track when everyone around you eats SAD (ly).


Jay C said...

Nice work and enjoy your time with family.

Andy's Blog said...

Did the dude actually give you a thumbs up? Guess you've been accepted! Also, enjoy the fam time.

Marc said...

Thanks Jay.
Are the dogs enjoying the colder weather?

It wasn't a full fledged thumbs up in held high ;-)
But on the hip type of movement.
Don't know about accepted.... at least acknowledged ;-)


Jay C said...

Dogs love cool weather, woods are clearing out for trail running, no bugs, Fall is nice.
Stay well.

Dave Clary said...

That's way cool (the acknowledgment from the beach bods). Way to go!

Marc said...

I was hapy to show off for my nephew ;-)

Hope you're making it through the crazy weather.