Friday, October 30, 2009

"Just Do It"

For me, this Nike slogan will go down as one of the best ever.
Richard (again) had a great post, responding to an inquiry from a new reader.
Some great advice there from Richard but also from all the people leaving a comment.
The underlying theme of the advice is simple and straight forward just like the Nike quote.
You've got to just do it and stick with it.

I think I've put up some nice food porn pics over the years, but I also want to show the kind of meals that taste delicious but don't necessarily look so appetizing.
Here's my version of lox, eggs and onion.
2 or 3 eggs, cut up smoked salmon and onion. Boil the eggs, mash them with a fork, add some cut up smoked salmon and a little bit of onion. It's a fantastic tasting breakfast, quick and easy to make.

Since we are all in agreement about FAGE , this is one way that I like to indulge in it. Cucumber, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

What do you make that doesn't look so appetizing but tastes delicious?

Nike Question.... So with the popularity of the Vibram Five Fingers and minimal foot wear, do you think Nike will be coming out with their own version? I mean the Nike Free's have been out for a while. Will Nike come out with a type of VFF? My guess is yes.



AT22 said...

I just bought some smoked trout - do you think that would work with eggs as well? I haven't even tasted it yet :)

Jay C said...

and that is why I have the Nike Swoosh on my left ankle.

Anna said...

Hi Marc,

My SIL in Norway frequently serves boiled eggs with salmon "gravlox". It's a classic combination. She's a trained chef with a flair for simple presentation of Scandinavian foods and I doubt she'd ever mash that combination together ;-). Not meant as a criticism, but you do seem to mention the subject of appetizing appearance (or lack of) now and then.

Why mash all the food components together before you take the photo? Boiled egg wedges and slices of salmon lox with diced onions look lovely placed next to each other or stacked. Salmon diced and mixed with the onions in a small mound with boiled egg slices fanned out on top or to the side would also look quite appetizing IMO.

Also, a thought about containers - plastic dishes are handy for toting and storage but they don't complement *any* food's appearance. I understand you are quickly taking a shot of food you are probably preparing for storage in your fridge or to take to work and you want it to be easy to eat. But it does detract from the food.

If you are ever replacing your plastic storage containers consider getting some glasslock containers. I now primarily use glasslock, and the tempered glass with silicone gasket sealed plastic lock-down lids are attractive enough for fridge to table serving, and it's easier to identify contents through the clear glass. My husband takes lunch to work in glasslock containers all the time. They can be used in the freezer, fridge, and in the microwave, as well as for dry storage (not in the oven, though and care must be taken that they are not placed on a cold or wet surface if they are very hot). I especially like the square and rectangular containers as they fit more efficiently in angled spaces. I bought individual glasslock at Bed Bath & Beyond with the 20% coupons I receive in the mail, but I've also seem them on the food wrap/storage aisle at Ralph's/Krogers. Costco has stocked a large variety glasslock container set at a very good price, too. Some of the sizes nest (small into medium or large, but medium into large is just a bit too tight).

You could also improve the appearance for quick photos by keeping just one or two plain white dishes around. Patterned dishes make nice tablescapes, but they rarely complement plated food. Take a quick shot of your food creations on a plain white plate, then later scrape it into your plastic container and then mix and mash til your heart's content. If you have white food that needs contrast against the white plate, a leaf of lettuce or other flattish colored item (tomato slices?) as a base works well (and you can eat it up afterwards). You'd only have one dish and one utensil extra to wash and that's rather quick.

Just some thoughts from another who likes to take pictures of my food at home and at restaurants...

Dan said...

Made this for breakfast yesterday. I had some grilled onion leftover from grilling the night before.

Excellent and simple breakfast.

Nice one Marc.


Marc said...

Hi Att22,

Glad to be hearing from you, hope all is well.

The smoked trout has a stronger "denser" flavor then smoked salmon. I would try this;
thin omelet, fold the trout insoe maybe with some fage or sour cream.

Very cool!

Great hearing from you! All valid points. In NYC, any diner or deli serves lox,eggs and onion.
also to clarify, when I say un-appetizing, it mean only for people watching me eat at the office or people that don't eat the way we do. I certainly don't ever think my food not looking yummy ;-)
I do own some glass lock containers...but for office travle I usually use the plastic ones for quick transport.

GREAT thoughts on the pictures and presentation...I mean I usually just snap a quick shot without any real thought put into it. When I cook for peopele I really enjoy playing with the presentation. I'm going to make an effort to take the presentation for my pictures up a few notches. Thanks for that smart and constructive criticism.
Hope all is well with you and your family Anna.

Thank you!! Isn't grilled onion just amazing??!!