Tuesday, October 6, 2009

VFF's and too much Cuban Food

I never posted a pic of my classics before. I still love the classics, but will give in and buy a pair of the sprints soon. I can honestly say they are my favorite shoes of all time........even though my kids beg me not to wear them when we're out together ;-)
I have found that I have gotten faster with my sprints due to the VFF, my form is pretty atrocious, but I find that my upper body stays in position much better now. I attribute the enhanced speed to that factor mostly. Having played college level soccer I was pretty fast. I ran the 100 in 10.9 seconds. At only 5'7 my legs aren't all that long you know ;-)
Compare this with college level sprinters that ran it in 10 flat, it certainly wasn't shabby. I weighed a lot less back then, I was around a 133 pounds. Now I weigh in at 168. (still the same pants size by the way) I'm curious what I would run the 100 in now. Maybe time to saunter over to the local track.

My good friend took me to one of his favorite hole in the wall Cuban places for lunch today.
They special ordered/made us some "Vaca Frita". Basically this means fried cow ;-)
Too much food, and I had to be polite and have a few mouthfuls of rice and yucca with garlic and plantains.
The best part of the rice, are the pieces of fried up pork/bacon fat you find hiding in there. Good stuff. Fried Cow, isn't that fun to say, is flank steak that has been slow cooked with sherry and herbs and then friend on a griddle or pan to brown it and make the outside crispy. Served with onions and fresh lime that you squeeze over the onions and meat. Trust me when I tell you, this is really tasty fare. I think I made the owner feel good when I snapped a picture with my phone. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated what he had made for us.....I couldn't show my appreciation by cleaning my plate, it was just too much food.
Don't know if you can tell from the phone picture, but it really was a lot of food.

I ate quite a while just to get to this point ;-)
Do you have a favorite cuban food?


A Feng said...

I am sorry to admit that I have a real weakness for the sandwiches (that and Cuban rum). Might try vaca frita the next time the urge strikes though. It sounds incredible. You are so lucky to live in south Florida - the Cuban food there is out of this world.

Andy's Blog said...

I like the VFF Sprints because the Classics made me feel like I was constantly walking out of the shoes. Poor fit, or oddly shaped feet, who knows. But the velcro strap on the Sprints secures everything down.

Hey Marc, good luck with your race. Don't get caught up with the jackrabbits running a 5:30 mile. Run your race and haul ass over the last mile. Leave nothing at the finish line.

Marc said...

A Feng,

Sandwhich bad...Cuban rum good ;-)
I'm not in Miami, but if you know where to go here...you can find some of the real deal.
Thanks Feng.

Just found out no 5K for me....see next post. Not yet at least.

Maybe it's my foot (high arch) the classics fit me great and never slip off.

I'm won't leave anything at the finsih line...I PROMISE.
New date Dec. 12th.


Carla said...

(yes, I did just yell that at you)
the cuban food? not so much.
perhaps I need to get you to cook for me.

Marc said...

Five fingers gooooooooodd ;-)

Would love to cook for you! Although I wouldn't make you Cuban food how's that?


sian-girlgetstrong said...

just order a pair of the five fingers-only had green left-oh well-wanted them so bad I ordered them anyway...so glad that you are raving about them...my kids might say the same thing...great site

Marc said...

sian getsstrong,

Thank you. i think you will love them! They are wonderful!!!

Doug said...

I love the VFF sprints as well.

I even love the stares I get when I wear them while working out