Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pressed for time.

Was hungry last night and short on time.
Didn't get to eat until after 8:30, as I joined my girlfriend for one of her "Boot Camp " sessions with her group. Post to follow on that. I think you will enjoy it ;-)

Bratwurst and a salad. These Bratwurst are one of my favorites. They have them at Whole Foods and most health food stores.

I remembered to take a picture after I at one of them. Some yummy salad with it.
They are fully cooked so I warm them in a skillet with butter and onion.
Roasted garlic. Slice off the top of a bulb, drizzle with evoo and put in the oven at 300 for about 15 minutes. Show you tomorrow what I'm using it for.


Elizabeth said...

I get that brand of sausage all the time! :) I think my favorite is the weisswurst with parsley.

Rachel said...

I LOVE roasted garlic. I try to have some on hand at all times. It's an awesome condiment.

Son of Grok said...

Roasted garlic is looking awesome! Gotta do my own now.

The SoG

Anonymous said...

Could you not just eat the roasted garlic raw? I would.

Marc said...


That's my favorite too. I really don't know what makes the difference between the two. But the weisswurst just tastes a little better. I ate it growing up too when I used to go skiing in Switserland.

yeah, roasted garlic is the bomb. So easy too right?

sometimes I can't help just eating thw whole thing...and then I have to make another one for whatever recipe I was going to use it for.

Dr. Dan,
Yes sir!!! See what I just said to SOG. I love that stuff.