Saturday, April 18, 2009

Play, Exercise, my thoughts and Mr. G. Jones

I played some tennis Saturday morning with my good friends George and Tom.
It really got me thinking. There is so much discussion and disagreement and lately posturing about the "right" type of diet and exercise. What supplements to take, the ultimate food model. Strength training, skill training, sport specific training, and the list goes on and on.
How does this all relate to George and Tom you Ask? Let's take a look.

Here is George. George is 65 years young. I'm sure he never really swilled down protein shakes or cycled creatine. I'm also sure he never flipped back and forth between the zone diet, atkins or Ornish. George being older then most of us, didn't have the onslaught of information that's available to al of us today. He did instinctively live his life the way many of us are trying to do. Basically he stuck to the simple and straightforward. He's kept active his whole life. He consumes a diet that works for him. He is always in a happy and positive state of mind. He enjoys his work and his family and has a loving and respectful relationship with his wife. He learned by trial and error. He examined his life regularly (and still does) and kept what was useful and dropped what wasn't. The end result? See for yourself. 65 years young and look at his posture. Overweight? No. Muscled? Check. Happy? Affirmative. At age 65 George will tear through many a younger opponent.

Here below (in the black shorts) my friend Tom. Tom played college ball for a division 1 school. He is the chairman (former CEO) of a major corporation. Like George, Tom is devoted to his family. I believe he has 10 grand kids, and it's not unusual for him to have all 10 for a sleep over pizza party. He never runs out of energy. His wife and he play tennis together also and walk and bike plenty. Boat trips, trips with the kids, beach walks. They do it all. Tom is also 65.

Just like George, even though they are very different people, Tom lives basically the same way. Wholesome foods, happy and positive attitude, regular exercise, loving relationships.

Tom runs shots down that most people over 35 never get to. Take a look;

Great posture, muscled, not overweight and hitting a topspin forehand with the kind of pace you would expect from a guy 30 years younger. Tom has been my doubles partner many a time, and we've competed fiercely against much younger opponents and much to their dismay, beaten them regularly. We have won tournaments together in the USTA 4.5 category at sanctioned events. So I'd like everyone to consider this. DON'T OVER COMPLICATE THE SIMPLE STUFF. Eat real food, find resistance exercise/play that makes you feel good. Identify play like tennis or ulitmate frisbee, that let's you move, think and enjoy. Be a positive part of the world around you. Love your family. Smile, be happy and help out where you can. Just my little rambling for the weekend.

Here are my raquetss. They are Babolat. You can see I broke my strings yesterday. They were a new kind I tried. They are like the "luxilon" variety, just a bit more feel. These type of strings are to hard on the joints in my opinion.

I'll be posting some new recipes for you to try and would like your feedback on them. I'm getting to the video. This is my first try at one. It's of my beach friend Mr. G. Jones. I've blogged about him before. He keeps me company when I fish.......or mostly I just watch him fish. Like here. Enjoy.


Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

Great post and great thoughts. I tend to over think things at times and have been doing so a lot lately. I think I am sweating the details a bit too much. Thanks for the perspective.

One common thread you have with your older friends is tennis. I am not sure what it is but I have seen something similar when I was in California. Many of the people I played with were far older than they appeared. Either tennis is a fountain of youth or there is a survivorship bias at work here.

I almost bought the same racquet a few years ago. I ended up with the Volkl Quantum 10 Tour instead, but I really liked that Babolat as well.

I found Mr. G Jones relaxing to watch. Any story behind the name?

Looking forward to the recipes and videos.


jumpow said...

Yep, nice post! Brad Pilon likes to talk about food OCD - really, life is one big OCD trip. Am I doing the right exerises? Am I eating enough protein? Did I ingest at the right time to maximize my blah blah blah. It's out of control - the Internet age had turned us into a nation/world of fretters.

If anything, the paleo lifestyle has saved me from this mentality. I think this will make a good post...

Marc said...

Thanks Jeff.
I agree with you....
There is lately to much worrying and information gathering instead of doing. We can all at times just get to wrapped up in wanting to get it "right". We can't make an arbitrary outcome happen....
so just enjoy the process.
As to the tennis...might be something there. I know even Art D has some good things to say about it.

Mr. Jones. When I throw my cast net for bait, Mr. Jones comes running. He's always "jonesing" for my little handouts, so I dubbed him George Jones. They are very peaceful and wild mannered birds. They are a little skitish (as the early everglades settlers used to eat them and collect their plummes), but you can win them over with a positive vibe and some extra bait fish they don't have to work for.
I always enjoy their company.

Right on man!!
That's what I was trying to say. Maybe the paleo/primal/ef way is not for everyone....but it's everything for me.
No fretting, just an enjoyable way to live MY life. But I think everyone has to find that for themelves. And for might not be the paleo way.

I went out to eat with some friends last night. I had not seenthem in a while. They eat red meat once a year. Worry themselves thick about the cream sauce on the pasta and other dishes. He can't get his cholestrol and bp under control. All they eat is pasta and whole wheat bread and vegetables. Because it's healthy....... you know what? It doesn't really matter, they wouldn't listen to me anyway and the are a wonderful happy loving family. Like I's not for everyone and they don't spend much time fretting about what to eat.

Thanks for the comments guys.
Making some vietnamese chicken thighs tonight. Enjoy the Sunday.