Monday, April 27, 2009

"FAT, it does a body good"

Are you trying your hand at eating paleo/primal/ef?
My advice to you, make sure your "fat" intake is plentiful.
If you are trying to "lean" out you do need to watch your portion size.
Take a look:

99.9 % of nutritionists would have a field day with this meal right?
Guacamole, one and half an avocado with some spring onion, pepper (see picture below),cilantro and lime juice. Ground Kobe beef sirloin sauteed in butter with spring onion, garlic and pepper. (about 4 ounces)
This was breakfast on Sunday morning at around noon. What do you think the "fitday" breakdown would be?
And then of course there's this when it comes to fat:
Chop some spring onion, garlic and pepper. Does anyone know the name of this pepper??
It's very mildly spicey (seeds removed) It's locally grown.

Mix all with some ground beef (I used the Kobe beef again.) Make a nice little log.
Wrap in 4 slices of bacon
Put this on the grill using indirect heat or you can make it in your oven, but first sear it on your stove in a pan if you do.


SmoketheBlowfish said...

dude, dUDe, DUDE..Sir DUDE! Wrapping Kobe beef in bacon gets you the 5 Star Award. Looks like a winner.

later, MikeZ

Jay C said...

A baby Bacon Explosion, how cute.
Mark, you make the best appetizers. What was the main course?

Jeff said...

Looks great.

The pepper looks like a pickled one I used to get at Italian restaurants.

Marc said...


I was going to say something about the whole bacon explosion phenomena...but Jay beat me to it ;-)

That was was a small dinner as I had eaten plenty over the course of the day.
Baby bacon explosion....wonder if I can trademark that?

I know those....I remember them being smaller, but know that you said it...that might be them. I wonder what they are called.


LivingPrimal said...

Another fabulous post! Bacon wrapped anything is just plain heaven! I've been meaning to try the much talked about bacon explosion but I am thinking yours is going to be much tastier. I am drooling just thinking about, and you can bet I am going to make it one night when my low fat following friends are over. Tempt them to come to the "dark side!" lol

Mark said...

Sweet, another one I need to try.

Jennifer said...

Any insight on fat portion size for those of us trying to lean out?

Marc said...

Living primal,

Thank you so much!!
My friend at work told me all excited that is bought turkey bacon.
My face must have spoken a 1000 words. Because she said "what's the matter? you eat a lot of bacon right?" I told her to just eat the real stuff. She's terrified about fat ;-(

It's very tasty, if you put it on the grill keep the heat low. As to avoid flare ups. It's really really delicious.

I don't know at what stage you're at of trying to lean out, but for now, realize that "fat meals" are calorically very very dense. So keep the meal small.
Much has been written that a "calorie is not a calorie" ....but trust me.. total calories DO matter.

The meal in the picture with the avocado and meat probably comes in around 1000-1100 calories.
So if your aiming for around 1600 for the day....that doesn't leave much room.
You know....I think this will make for an excellent post. Thank you. Look for it shortly.
Let me know if I can help in any way.


Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

That looks fantastic. I love good food dripping with good fat. Yummy.

Marc said...


I hear ya!! Yesterday I had a dollup of sour cream. boy was that tasty.