Saturday, April 4, 2009

Humbled by the unexpected

The nice pleasant cul de sac where the school bus turns to pick up my daughter. The yellow flowering tree is a tababouia . They are spectacular!

One of my climbing trees below. Notice the circle and's where I reach up and climb to the large branch I like to do some pull ups on.
With perfect timing, as my daughters school bus drove by, I was hanging from the branch looking all cool and primal and pumped up from push ups, burpees and now some pull ups. The branch snapped and this cool dad tumbled ass over heels onto the grass. It really made me smile all day. My daughter told me the entire bus cracked up. (including her)
Here you can see where it snapped.
Sharing my "Kalamata olive and garlic aioli" recipe with you this weekend.


Jeff said...

Great post. It made me smile. It reminded me of last summer when I went to florida to visit my parents. I got sting by a tiny jellyfish and a crab pinched my foot, all within an hour. The first thing my daughter(5yo) did was tell all her friends. They all kept asking me about it for weeks.

Do you have anything specific you do for your workouts or do you just fly by the seat of your pants? I would love to get some ideas from what you do.

On the tennis note, I have been dying to try the serving advice, but it has been rainy here.

Dave Clary said...

I just wish a kid on that bus had a video camera on you at the time! :) I have a candidate for pullups in my front yard but I don't have to worry about busting my rear end---I can't DO a pullup!

Marc said...


Funny how kids love that stuff right?.
Where in Florida are the rents?

I will do a post about my workouts.
When I go for a morning walk session it's more like play and I randomly burst into some sprints, pullups, pushups, jumps, balancing etc etc. Just moving my body. I also swim sometimes.

You're almost through the bad weather....hang in there. Summer is on it's way.

I think that would have been a popular one on youtube ;-)
Do you have one of those "gravitron" (or similiar) machines at your gym???
They really help training to get to the pull up.
Have a great day!!


Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

My folks are in Palm Coast, which is around an hour or so south of St Augustine by car. They live in a nice condo that has lost around 50% of it's "value" recently. I love visiting them. We go boogie boarding and and kayaking on the inter-coastal(sp?). The kids love playing on the beach.

I really like those type of walk/sprint/climb/etc type workouts. I have been doing them more and more. What you do sounds almost like "parkour" or "Movnat". Have you looked into those at all? I would love to get some ideas from what you do, if you can remember afterward.


Dave Clary said...

Yes, we do have a Gravitron 2000. I was using religiously until I basically stopped working out in favor of playing racquetball. I hope to get back on the court this week after overcoming a foot injury, but I'm going to do a couple days a week at the gym as well. I'll hit the Gravitron again.

Marc said...

Parkour is cool!!
It's good stuff, but what many don't realize, is that to do what you see those guys do, takes lots and lots of practice and lots lots of injuries on the way. Kind of like skateboarding. I'll leave it to the youngens ;-)
What everyone should get from parkour is the ability to "roll"
Everyone should know how to do it, you can do it through old age and will get you out of many a situation. I've rolled out of slips and falls and even a bicycle accident.
I really enjoyed that Movnat clip when it gfrist came out. I think you'll be hearing a lot more about that guy.
I'll do a post soon on what a week of exercise/play looks like for me.
Palm coast is nice. FL. property values is a sad sad story.

We are going to have to play some racquet ball sometime. You teach me the finer points....I'll kick your butt into pull up shape with help of the gravitron.