Friday, April 3, 2009

Link Love

You will be noticing a new link on the right. Applied Mastery

This blog is written by my close friend Steve. I've known Steve for a long long time.
We've experienced a lot together. From great meals, to bogus Aikido teachers, to meeting and training with true martial art masters, to relaxing kayak excursions.
He has always pointed me to great resources that made me think, evaluate and many a time changed the very course of my life. He is also the one that introduced me to Art Devany over 4 years ago.

Please take a look at his latest posts. Especially the last one on "patience"

Stand by for my next post shortly. How I fell out of my climbing tree this morning ;-)


Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip, Marc - always happy to add another great health blog to the list!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marc -- much appreciated. I hope I can provide your readers with some value, and thanks as well for your continued great content!