Monday, April 6, 2009

Functional vs Show

We all have seen the big body builder types with hulking shoulders and small boulders for biceps, yet they can't do a pull up. So that got me thinking about my favorite subject; Feel Good Eating. The same functional vs. show model plays out in my kitchen quite often.

When I grew up, a good french baguette with butter, boiled egg and tomato was one of my favorite sandwiches. They looked so pretty in the display cases, next to similar varieties either with salami or brie or ham and cheese. The "show" was great but the "functionality" diminished by white flour and yeast.
I still eat my favorite "sandwich" but have converted it to purely functional ;-)
Try this:

Two soft boiled eggs (my preference), some fresh diced tomato and a few pats of organic butter (if you can find raw butter locally, even better. Fresh ground pepper.
Mix well.
The SOG and I have talked about "delivery mechanism", or as he calls it "delivery vessel". Uncooked butter and egg make a wonderful taste combination, just leave out the bread/delivery mechanism.

Back to Functional vs. Show; I'm not sure this would look to appealing in a display case.
But oh boy is this delicious. You can of course boil your eggs longer so that they are not runny. I tossed a few fresh chives on top from my herb garden.

Eating whole foods is really expensive...........


From the farmers market, 5 organic lemons, 3 organic cucumbers, 3 organic tomatoes, organic onion, organic spring onion and an organic Italian zucchini. It tastes exactly like regular zucchini, but this variety lends itself perfectly to slicing and grilling. Easier to handle bigger slices for the grill.
Total cost? $4.75
What does a Big Mac cost these days?
"Smile a lot today, it's very important"


SmoketheBlowfish said...

Marc! Way to start off the week with a bang. In one post you've pretty much destroyed my "I've gotta eat my sammich as a sammich (Chicago pronunciation) hang-up".

We all know the negatives of high carb living. We also know that every piece of bread or forkfull of pasta is a step backward. You made a sandwich in a freaking bowl? Awesome!



LivingPrimal said...

Great post Marc! It really shows that eating whole foods is not expensive, regardless what "conventional wisdom" tells us. Even grass-fed, pastured meat. Yeah, it's more expensive per pound, but you learn to cook less expensive cuts, and when you weigh it against eating out, it's by far cheaper in the long run. And really, can we put a price tag on how great it makes us feel? :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Marc!

Marc said...


Thanks man!! I know they have some awesome sammiches in Chicago. ;-)

Couldn't agree with you more!
Eating out is a killer....financially and for staying on track (mostly)
Thanks for visiting.

Thank you!!!!


sarena said...

Wish we could do farmers market already. Its been cold here!

Dave Clary said...

Looks great. I'll have to see if our Whole Foods wannabe store carries something like those Brats. BTW, we could learn something on this side of the pond about fast food. I loved getting a plate of brats with curry from an imbiss in Berlin.