Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pressed for time 2

Love this type of salad when I'm short on time.

2 slices of bacon. I cut them with kitchen shears into little strips. Small pat of butter, 2 garlic cloves, sliced spring onion and 2 chicken sausages. Squeeze out of casing. Cook until almost done then add about 6-8 sliced kalamata olives. Break up sausage into bite size pieces. You can use kitchen shears for this again.

In a big salad bowl, mix some green leaf lettuce, cucumber, tomato and a pinch of feta. Add evoo and a tbsp of dijon mustard, mix.

Then add the sausage dish on top of the salad and once again mix it all together.

Very tasty, satisying and full of flavor.
What do you make when pressed for time?


LivingPrimal said...

My go to when really pressed for time is nuts, I always try to keep raw almonds and macadamia nuts around to grab and go. I also try to cook more than I need so there is always cooked meat in the fridge. For instance, if I am grilling steaks, I will do two instead of one so there is lunch the next day. I enjoy how creative you get with your salads! I'm going to have to try chicken sausage.

Son of Grok said...

Sitting here in the middle of a fast staring at your delicious food. Dam you Marc. Van Dam you! lol

The SoG

Marc said...

Grilling two steaks at a time is the way to go. Thanks for sharing.

I'm sure you will be cooking up a feast to break the fast.
Hang tough bro.


Rachel said...

Frozen spinach, nuked, with chopped up chicken sausage (I always have those two items in my kitchen). Throw on some olive oil and salt, or some cheese, and it's a yummy bowl.

Or leftovers, if I've managed to plan ahead, but there's only a 50/50 chance of that one :)

TrailGrrl said...

What kind of chicken sausage are you using? I'm on a quest for a good sausage.


Marc said...


That sounds delish!


I tend to buy the chicken sausages at Whole Foods (they make them there, and are in the meat display case) make sure you read the ingredients...they are not all the same. They are tasty.


TrailGrrl said...

Whole Foods does have great sausages. I like the chicken apple and chicken apple maple but I don't think they have that flavor anymore. Which flavors have you tried that are good?