Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A different take on steak tartare

For dinner try this sometime.
Grass fed sirloin steak. chop into steak tartare consistency.
Saute mushrooms, garlic and onions. Add a splash of red wine. (I used organic butter to saute )
When it's finished push it to the sides of the pan. Now take the steak and 1 egg and mix together well. Add it to the pan, quickly cook until the meat is no longer red. It will cook very quickly because it is so chopped up.
Serve with a nice salad.
The meat stays incredibly moist this way and is not cooked a lot. (but not quite raw like tartare.)

Enjoy.....be happy!


Bill said...

Hi Marc,
i was at walmart yesterday and saw a bottle of 100% sesame seed oil so i bought it.now what the heck do i do with it?

Thanks Bill

MizFit said...


steak tartare is my dads favorite meal ever.

and yet this primal has never eaten it...may be time to rectify that.

Marc said...

Hi Mizfit,
Thanking you for stopping by my blog!
I like reading yours. It has me laughing out loud often!!!

In regards to the Steak tartare,
try it this way. You'll be amazed at the flavor and then you can tackle totally raw version with dad.