Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comments and suggestions?

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog.
It's cool to see that people ffrom Holland to Australia take a look at it.
So my question for today is; is there anything you'd like to see more of? Are there suggestions you might have. Feel free to share any thoughts or criticism. No ego here ;-)
Thanks! Look forward to getting some of your input.

A left over breakfast from the other morning;
Flank steak over spinach with asparagus ratatouille. Try this simple one; Saute onion, garlic; then add cut up asparagus and a tomato. Sprinkle a some parmesan on top at the end. Just a little will do the trick and really adds nicely to the flavor.

Here's a little shrimp salad with romaine. This is not for everyone that follows strict paleo. But every now and then it makes for a nice treat. Some vegenaise and natural ketchup and shrimp.
You can add a thimble of whiskey in for real great flavor.

Thought I'd share this for all of you that end up throwing out produce from time to time.
For example, when I buy a large head of organic romaine, I wash it and break it up (a salad spinner is really useful to have for this) and then I store it in a large ziploc with two wet paper towels inside.
This helps keep it fresh for much longer and it is ready to grab for quick use.

I'm not able to upload pics for some reason? Blogger issue? anyone have or had this problem??
(as you can see, as of this morning problem is solved. It's starnge why at times it just doesn't work)

Have a wonderful day!!!


sarena said...

No probs here with uploading pics. I attached a pic of my bounty for the day on my blog just a short while ago!!

Marc said...

I tried everything. Still not able to upload.
I looked on the blogger help pages and found others with the same issue. No solutions offered however.;-(

I have a great recipe and picture to share. Chicken mole.
It was amazing!

Jenny said...

I haven't any suggestions other than this: keep blogging! I'm interested in your journey.

sarena said...

yeah one thing i would add, i am generally strict paleo and no nightshades. most sauces have dairy or a nightshade, any help there?? Ideas?

Marc said...

Check out next post.
Chicken Mole.


sarena said...

See you got your fotos up!! Yeah and I do that trick with salad greens as well!! Makes for quick assembly.

Naomi said...

Hej Marc!

I'd really dig some more of those tips like storing your salad with a paper towel. Brilliant :)
And what do you generally keep stocked up in the house? What's your cooking oil? Equipment? How do you manage it during social times? Share, share ;)

Marc said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. I'll keep blogging ;-)

to answer your questions check out next post. It's for you.
En g'd zij dank verkopen ze geen salmiak knotsen hier....anders zou ik af en toe ingeven and de "cravings" ;-)
Bedankt voor het lachen.....