Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Social Scene

Does the "social scene" wreak havoc on your normally good eating habits??
I get emails and questions often about this. What to do when you go out to eat on the weekend for example, with friends or family.
Last night I had to entertain a group of customers and we went to a local restaurant. The restaurant is located in the marina on the water, and it's a nice touristy spot. The food is acceptable when you're on vacation and sipping a rum punch over looking the water , but when you're NOT on vacation, the food is acceptable at best.
Fried choices are plentiful and ALL dishes come with a mountainous serving of either rice or potato.
The bread basket was refilled 3 times during dinner.

We all pretty much know what to do to stay on track, but just don't always have the motivation to follow through.
So here are a few tips to deal with the temptations. I hope they are helpful.

Don't just say no to the bread basket. Why??? It might be amazing bread. ;-)
If it is, go ahead give in and eat a little piece. Why do I say this? Because most of the time....and I mean most of the time, the bread is not any good at all. So take the time to inspect it, evaluate it, rate it. And only give in when it is truly the freshest most delicious mouthwatering piece of bread you have ever seen ;-) This process will slow your reactive response down. It's a great little mind trick. Try it, it really works.
During the appetizer stage (which are usually shared by the table) pick of/out the little protein nuggets, your sharing in the dish, so most people won't notice that you helped yourself to just a spoonful of meat of the nachos and not the chips. Last night it was rock shrimp nachos. I wish I could have taken a picture of this dish, it was humongous! I helped myself to a few of the shrimps.
For the entree selection, enjoy your night out and eat whatever you like. Don't worry about the sauces or anything like that, Most restaurant don't use the best ingredients anyway (there are of course exceptions) so eat and enjoy. Howver eat just the protein on your plate, don't even bother with the veggies. And you will walk away from the experience having had a good time and not completely destroyed your efforts to feel good eating. Last little trick, when your server comes to clear the table drink a full glass of water.
Because he/she will be back shortly to ask about dessert. And that glass of water will make you feel bloated after the big meal ;-)
Better feeling bloated from the glass of water intake the cheese cake.

I have added a link to Dr. M. Eades blog. I read it often and has so much good info on it.
I refer to it sometimes and realised I never put a link to it.

Have a great day!!!!


sarena said...

My problem with the social scene is our weekly Sabbath meals and those fairly rare, but still occurring, holiday meals with friends and family. And I often host these so I know the food is good and "suitable>" I find it difficult to sit for so long at the table without eating...nibbling....Thoughts on giving me any self control over my own food?? Eating out is less difficult for me as I generally have limited choices that I will partake from!

Oh and by the way, I started posting pics again!!

Marc said...

I suffer from that too sometimes.
Especially when I've made all the yummy things.
I'm sure you've done what I'm going to suggest and make those problem days your IF days.
How do you break the fast come yom kippur? Will you make the food?


Naomi said...

Marc, that is the single most sensible thing I've read about eating out in a long long time!

I often get so caught up in not being allowed to have something that I start craving it.. without ever really stopping and wondering if I actually want it.


Marc said...

Thank you ;-)

And thank you also for taking the time to give me your thoughts and feedback. Wonderful!

sarena said...

Yeah sure those days are IF days!!! WTH! How can I fast when I made everything and know what's sitting and staring at me in the face. Yeah, I do IF early in the morning til lunch. Guests are generally lunch and dinner time.

I am not sure how I will break the fast after yom kippur and of course, I will cook. Often times a light veg soup with a frittata of some sort (dairy-free).

Family may enjoy pasta, soup and smoked fish! Not sure as I dont have plans yet. Many eat a "meat" meal the same as the Sabbbath. I generally don't do that for myself after a 25 hour fast!

Thanks for asking! Do you have a similar thought?

Naomi said...

Thank you for sharing so much Marc :) I'm very happy to see content like this- something promoting mental health instead of just discussing how many anti-oxidants are in a certain type of food... (yes I exaggerate)

Feel good eating o/

Marc said...

More to follow ;-)
I will also start to post some stuff on "Feel good moving your body".