Monday, September 29, 2008

Boiled chicken????

Yes and no.
This is an easy one, and makes for easy "Feel Good Eating" cooking.
Add 1 or 2 chicken breasts to a pan with water. You can cut it up, or just put it in whole.
For about 15-20 minutes, cook it on medium meat (don't boil it).
Now you will have ready in your fridge a protein source to cook a variety of dishes with.
This was breakfast;

Saute asparagus and garlic in some coconut oil. Add the chicken a spoon of almond butter (or peanut or cashew) a splash of tamari/soy sauce, mix well and your done. Top with some sliced scallion. we go again with wheel of fortune of picture uploading.
Stay tuned. Ok...and we're back. Here's the quick saute of asparagus and garlic.

Boring boiled chicken.............

But used with some creativity........

You know what this is???

The picture is not great and I was to busy eating and slurping to take any more pictures. This is cold cucumber soup. I would give you the recipe, but this one is so delicious, that you will be paying for it one day when you come eat at my "Paleo Grill" (tm) restaurant. The boring boiled chicken is always great to add to soups of all kinds.

Enjoy your day everyone.


Dave Clary said...

Will you allow internet reservations for the Paleo Grill? :-)

MizFit said...


but Im an odd one.

Id eat the boiled chicken with some spritzes of Bragg Liquid Aminos and be happy!

Marc said...

oh yes! And friends and family get special privilidges when it comes to reservations ;-)

Would be happy to have you there!
You're not that odd...I've done the exact same thing ;-)

sarena said...

So us regulars, are we all considered friends and family? At least that's what I assume.....

Marc said...

Of course!!!
I'm so grateful to everyone that takes the time to actually read my blog. Would love to cook for everyone one day.
I hope one day all these bloggers have a type of tradeshow.
You could teach a yoga or OL class.
MizFit could teach a class and many others could be involved. I could cook some food. It would be neat don't you think?