Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rant with a pinch of Hope

Ok, I don't do these type of posts often, my last rant was about Vitamin water a long time ago. Yet this news really caught my eye;

This is the inside of the new PopTart store in New York City

A poptart store/restaurant!!!! Come on now! This is a new trend, M&M and Hershey's have a large retail store now also. Wow, I just can't wait to make poptart sushi

Holy Hell!

An now for my always positive look at life.....(there's always an other side to things)
Maybe, just maybe our eating habits ARE slowly changing. For companies to invest like this in extremely expensive retail operations that basically serve as advertising billboards, basically tells me that they are finding new ways of pushing product. Which most likely means sales are off. Which for our children is a good thing...I could of course be very wrong.


Andy's Blog said...

Wow, a pop-tarts store! Good lord. Too bad they were so popular when I was younger, ingesting those things. But sadly, i still know adults who consume them.

Erin said...

Your holy hell pretty much took the words out of my mouth when I read about the sushi rolls the other day. I could not fathom even in my long ago teenage years of junk food enjoying something like that. GAH!

Marc said...


I know...it's sad. Don't feel bad...i ate those thins too.

The sushi rolls really take the prize don't they?
Thanks for stopping by.


Carla said...

That is nasty on all kinds of levels! lol!! Pretty sad in my books!

Diana said...

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oh, rolls, I love it. it's most genius food ever was made by people, LMAO

Angie's Fitness Bootcamp said...

I cannot believe there is such a place! All I see here is a death trap! Waaaaaay too much sugar! UGH!

Angie H said...

First time trying Backyard Rooms. They’re building a home gym addition with just ladders, drills, and a kit. Amazing to watch it go up.

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