Thursday, August 19, 2010

Primal Bento Box and New Site

I wish I had one of those nice Bento boxes to show you...but the other morning, I looked at my to go container and just thought "Primal Bento" for some reason.
A bit of fresh cod, left over chicken with tzatziki and a bit of guacamole.
Oh the joy of eating this type of breakfast at work. NOT. I hadn't had the disgusted looks in a while, but I think I could have sold tickets to this show. If they only knew how good it tasted.

This is how I prepared the cod loin.
Pour some evoo in a skillet and keep the heat low. Let the oil warm a bit and add the piece of cod loin. Now with the heat so low, it will take a good 8 minutes or so per side (if not more). Once flipped and the second side almost done, add a small teaspoon of tomato paste. Let that warm a bit and mixt it with the evoo and juices from the fish. Now add a tablespoon of a dry white wine. Gently break the fish apart into large "flakes" and gently fold everything together. Super tasty. 

As I had mentioned a few days ago, Feel Good Eating is moving on up.

Take a look. It is not ready yet, and I'm still learning wordpress and all its capabilities, but let me know your initial thoughts if you have an extra minute. Is the layout ok? The colors? Suggestions? Advice?
Some of my last posts are not up there yet.

Make it a great day and SMILE a lot.


Anonymous said...

I love the new page! It looks clean, streamline and easy to navigate between current and recent posts!

I think if you made the archives more of a drop down menu it would free up a lot of side bar space, but other than that, I can't wait to see it finished ;)

Anonymous said...

Will your new page have an RSS feed?

Marc said...

Thank you Shanna!
The side bars are stil a total mess lol.
Thank you for the feedback.

Yes it will have RSS feed.
Thank you for reminding me of that.


TrailGrrl said...


New page is very concise and a nice clean look, like a good business card.

I'm not in favor of colored backgrounds, so the white is good. The reason I don't like them is that the usually make it hard to read the text, and also seem to take time to load separately. I find that annoying. The WordPress blogs always look good, so this only makes a good blog with a lot of quality information even better. It will make your pictures look good too.

Sidebars could maybe be offset from main stuff a little more. Maybe you could use a background color there? Even something gray.

To comment on the Bento box... you should buy one at a kitchen supply place to make your meals at work even more attractive. Americans are nutty. In Europe it is very common to have fish and cold cut meats and cheeses at breakfast. Everyone isn't always eating croissants or museli. Smoked or pickled herring come to mind, along with soft and hardboiled eggs and salami. I think the whole "fish" thing is what is weird for Americans. I've noticed my own taste at different times of the day, and one thing I can eat at any time seems to be steak. Not sure why. Chicken doesn't always have that appeal, and neither does fish.

I just got back from travel and I think people were freaked that I had a big ribeye one night (with spinach! It was awesome) and the next a NY Strip, especially since I'm a little 4'11" chick. Also worked raw oysters into the mix. One other guy was also doing what he called a "low starch" approach. So he would ask for a veggie instead of potatoes or macaroni. I think it is getting more mainstream as people see results. Everyone else got what they perceived as healthy... salads with very little protein or salmon with pasta. And the meeting table was littered with Diet soda bottles and big latte containers, with some water thrown in for good measure. One dude was nodding off both days.

The new site will be great with some tweaking.


Mark said...

Hey Marc

Looks pretty good though it seems awfully narrow. Granted, I have a big monitor (widescreen) but that is more common now.

Hopefully this image works to show you what i mean

Natalie said...

Ooh, I like the new page. Blogspot has not been making me happy lately with their layouts, so good for you! Your new place looks more like a magazine than a blog. Smile on.

Andy's Blog said...

Funny, I get the looks also if I tell them what I eat for breakfast sometimes. hahahah, it is comical.

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