Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank you and Barefoot Running

I wan't to say THANK YOU again to all of you that took the time to share your thoughts with me in regards to the "HELP" post. Thanks to all of you, I am starting to formulate a plan of action. There were some specific comments that really helped me see through some things and provided me with a different outlook.
More to follow on all of that.

Next; Bare foot running.
Matt Metzgar who's blog I have been reading for years, continues to provide insight, fresh ideas and up to date information. I really appreciate the fact that Matt will question and or take a step further some of the findings and studies. He has a tremendous e-book called Stone Age Power and if you have never read his free e-book, you're missing out.
Keep in mind that the e-book was written in 2002, so some of the information contained there in, probably does not jive completely with what Matt knows today.

Matt has recently posted about barefoot running and his own experiences with it. He made me aware just late last week, about a new book called Barefoot Running. The author is on a tour across the country, teaching people how to rediscover the joy of running, and promoting his book. Last week I happened to check the authors website and low and behold, they were going to be in Naples on Saturday. With out Matt, I would have totally missed the opportunity as there was not a lot of promotion about it locally. Hosted by a local running store, the talk was at 1pm. Kind of neat when you think about it...a running store hosting a talk for a guy promoting the fact that you don't need shoes. Anywho, I went to the talk and enjoyed listening to Michael Sandler,his fiancee and co-author Jessica Lee. Michael has a wonderful story to tell. He got very hurt in a somewhat freak accident years ago, and ended up with a titanium femur and hip. (there are more body parts missing, but I don't want to ruin his book or one of his talks for you, in case you get to go). After he was told he would never run again, he tried to, but it resulted in more and more injuries. Through information from the same Harvard MD, that the author of Born To Run refers to in his book, Michael tried Barefoot Running. I have not read the book yet, and I didn't get a chance to buy it on Saturday as I had to duck out a bit early because I didn't want to miss the World Cup game between the US and Ghana.
The story doesn't end there....

Yesterday I was at my office and I took a quick walk around the perimeter of my hotel. There I notice the Barefoot running trailer. I think to myself, "cool, they must be staying here". Just as I had that thought...Michael comes walking out of one of the side doors of the hotel to walk his dog.
Isn't life beautiful ;-)

I introduced myself and thanked him for the talk on Saturday. We met up again inside and I was able to assist Michael with some information he was curious about. I in return got some alone time with him and was able to ask him a few pointers and questions.
When I came into my office this morning, there was a Barefoot Running book on my desk with a card and a really nice inscription. It reads as follows: To Marc,  Keep being a pioneer in your five fingers. The world may catch on, but down here, you'll always be the first. Teach those kids well, run light, run free and have fun!"
It's so nice to meet REAL people with warm and caring hearts. Both Michael and Jessica were an absolute pleasure to be around and they live what they teach. If Barefoot Running comes to your neck of the woods...don't miss the opportunity to spend some time with them.

  http://www.runbare.com/ or http://www.barefootrunningbook.com/ (the book is being praised as THE handbook for barefoot running, by the likes of barefoot Ted and Danny Dreyer author of ChiRunning)

And yes, of course I took my shoes off for the picture ;-)


Anonymous said...

That? Is SO stinking cool!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...and you may want to consider linking Michael Sandler and his book/site...since he gave you a book and all, he may appreciate the extra easy way for people to get to his site from here. I copy pasted and had to do a Google search...wore my fingers plum out! HAHA ;) Anyway, just a suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Sorry a bit late. In terms of the restaurant idea. Its risky because so many restaurant fail. If I was you I would try to make it as general as possible while still keeping it paleo. But I wouldn't call it paleo. You could serve game meats etc and then your average person would be interested. I think your average person would be scared to try paleo if they hadn't heard of it.

Just be careful. Its awesome to have dreams but many people have had dreams and they have lost a lot of money trying to fulfill them opening restaurants. Hell just watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay. So many people trying to open restaurants and failing badly because they have no experience. Have you considered working in a kitchen to get experience to see if you like it (I don't know if you previously have experience in this).

Also. Could you not try to work out a deal with the crossfit gyms. Open a place nearby and sell paleo meals and get them to advertise it?

Natalie said...

Marc, that is WAY too awesome. I am sure I could come up with a more dignified manner of expressing that, but since I said it out loud, we'll stick with it. VERY COOL!

Marc said...

At the bottom of the post below the pic is the link. Did you try that one? Or are you saying to put a link with my other "links"?

I have some restaurant experience...enough to be dangerous ;-)
So I'm with you...restaurants are a huge headache. I'm trying to find a new paradigm. More to follow on that.

Like I said....isn't life beautiful?
You're pictures on your blog are just incredible. You're part of my virtual travel life. Andrew Zimmern and Bourdain are the others.


Anonymous said...

LOL I think I scrolled all the way to the picture then completely missed that link!! :)

Aaron Blaisdell said...

It just occurred to me you could call your restaurant "The Restaurant at the Beginning of the Universe" as a nod to Douglas Adam's "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" (by end, he means when the universe is about to end). Or you could simply call it "Dawn of Man" since it only goes back a few million years rather than several billion. ;-)

Natalie said...

Marc, I think I'm blushing. Thank you for being such a generous soul and lovely example of a human being.

Annie said...

Just a note to let you know that I recognized you on my blog today.


I've been away from my computer for a month or two now, but I'm looking forward to going through your latest posts. Thanks!