Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primal, Paleo, EF meals and Fitnes

In a pan saute onion and garlic in ghee. Next add some fresh chopped tomato. Splash of white wine. Let simmer a bit, add a few olives and hot smoked paprika powder and a dash of salt . Now lay a few slices of meat on top, small splash of water, cover and simmer. When almost done turn up the heat and add a splash of heavy cream. Mix it together. I guess not many people eat this for breakfast....I do though ;-)
I was hungry for something tasty in the morning and was still hungry from the mini triathlon.

The other night I made the dish below. In butter sauted lots of onion. Then added the cut up meat (for both these meat dishes I used top round) Stirred it around a bit, then added a splash of red wine. When almost done, I added a large handful of baby spinach.

I love this kind of breakfast; I cut up (with kitchen scissors) 2 pieces of bacon, it cooks quickly this way, then add diced up asparagus, tomato and a bit of onion. Push the veggie bacon mix to the side and add 2 eggs. Reall satisfying and tasty. Sometimes I will put a tiny bit of goat cheese (feta can work too) on top of the eggs to change the flavor up a bit.

I've always been a bit hesitant posting an "in the flesh pic"
But thought I'd share this one of me coming out of the water Sunday at the end of my race. Eventhough I have quite the grimace on my face...as I had just almost face planted in the sand a step before...believe me when I tell you that I enjoyed myself tremendously. (I'm the short guy in the back)

Make it a great day!


Primal Mama said...

Congrats on the tri!

Megan said...

How can you possibly eat bacon and butter and look like that?? ;)

Natalie said...

I swear, the USA Pork Packers are going to be coming after you to be their EAT PORK GET A SIX PACK spokesguy. That's awesome!

Marc said...

Primal Mama,

Thank you!! Your new site looks real good.

Must be the non fat bacon and low fat butter lol
My Dr. still thinks i'm nuts...oh well.

Maybe we can neogtiate then....I will round up a bunch of paleo/primal guys and gals that look the part, and in turn....they will start treating their animals right and putting all their piggies out to pasture. you think they would go for that? ;-)


Natalie said...

I'm with you, Mark. I'm with you. Sadly for the piggies, I have no contacts. Guess you'll have to make do with the compliment and stick with the day job.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' awesome, Marc; way to represent the Paleo tribe! Good lookin' grub, too!

Johnny at The Lean Saloon said...

I have to say that in this picture, you look damn healthy! Props to looking good in our fourth decade, brother.


Marc said...

Thank you Natalie.

I owe a lot to your site. You keep pointing me to new information and knowledge.

Thanks brother. I don't know about you..but I want to really enjoy my retirement, with lots of surfing, tennis etc. This seems to be the way to make it happen if we're a little luck. And on the vanity side...I'm want to be one of those 65 year olds that people look at and say, "dang he's in good shape" ;-)


Kevin said...

Hey Marc ... I agree with everyone ... Lookin' awesome man!

Found your blog through Johnny's leansaloon... your meals always look awesome!

You got the healthy look & outlook that I'm shooting for. (and we kinda look alike too, now that I think about it).

You're not cheesy bodybuilder-looking ... and your not a skinny dork ... you look healthy, fit, happy, and alive. What I'm going for!

Anyway, I know you eat paleo/primal ... how's your workouts? Just a lil basic stuff a few times through the week?

Marc said...

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for stopping by and for the feedback!

As to workouts;
2-3 times a week I hit the gym. I mix it up a lot. Take a look at Keith's site theorytopractice.
He recently put a link to Javorek's dumble workout...It's some real good stuff.
My advice in regards to the gym is simple; keep it intense, of short duration and mix it up.


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