Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day and a 5K

A day that means a lot to my family and I. Without our courages young American soldiers and their heroic act of storming the beaches in Normandy...there is a good chance I would not be sitting here blogging today.
My gratitude is forever yours. Thank you.

Quick 5K this morning. Felt good to get a run in before next Sunday's mini triathlon.
It was a beautiful morning and a nice course in one of our local parks.
I felt solid running today. That's me in the white shirt just coming through the finish line (24.43. came in 4th in my age group) Ran in my Nike Free's.


Andy's Blog said...

Right on Marc with that Memorial Day perspective. And way to go on another 5k.

I've gotta get back in the game myself.

Marc said...

Andy thank you! I didn't run since april 11th 10K. So it felt good knowing I can hang staying in shape with HIT workouts. Stand by for mini tri update

Natalie said...

Great job Marc! Under 8 min/miles and 4th...that's something to be proud of. :) How do you like those Nike Free shoes? I've been eyeing them. Hope you had not only patriotic feeling (which is, of course the most important part) but also a good BBQ to celebrate the day.

Marc said...

Hi Natalie,
I LOVE my Nike free's. I'm just not running enough to run in my vibram five fingers, my calves have not adapted fully yet for my very sporadic running schedule. So the Nike free's fir the bill for road races for me. They are super light, comfortable and I think as flat as you can find out there...they are not completely flat though. I also love them as a "travel shoe". Where I live, (if I'm not a work) I'm in barefeet or flip flops. I will start to get my running a little more consistent soon and will make the switch to my VFF's.

Didn't have a BBQ, but I did have a super breakfast after the race

4th place was a blessing and a curse...only 2 seconds between 3rd and 4th place arrrrgggggg ;-)