Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cod Loin Filet

You don't need a whole bunch of ingredients to make an extrememly tasty dish.
Cod loin filet sprinkled with some red pepper flakes, seas salt, toasted sesame oil, soy sauce and some garlic chili sauce.(for the portion of fish you see, only use 1 tbsp soy and sesame oil. 1 teaspoon chili sauce).
On some tin foil on the grill or you can make it in the oven also. Watch it closely, don't overcook it. About 1 minute before it's done, put a little pat of butter on top of the filet. (ignore the kikkoman soy sauce, it's not good at all, but it's all I had as back up. Buy the wheat free tamari, it's much much better tasting and better for you)

Some cucumber and scallion salad to go along for a cool fresh bite contrasting the spicyness of the fish.

An attempt at a close up.....

A nice full plate. Also 2 large grilled asparagus.
This was the first meal of the day around 12:30.

The tin foil method below. I sometimes make shrimp like this also.

The weather is gorgeous here today, about 90 degrees with that nice breeze through the palm trees. Perfect for some outside play.


Primal Mama said...

Looks good, especially with the cucumber salad! I have to head downtown to find some chili sauce. I've been meaning to try wheat free tamari (it's soooo expensive over here), but if its worth it.....

Natalie said...

Mmmmm...fish and cool salad and lovely weather, who could ask for anything more?

Marc said...

Primal mama,
I think it's worth it, cuz you need less of it and it has less crap in it. Try your asian store in Seville...probably cheaper there then the regular store.

A good book or some music in a chair on the beach here....and a nice cold beer followed by a nap

Thanks for the comments ladies....it's very much appreciated!
Happy Wednesday.

Natalie said...

I bow in awe of your wisdom. You, sir, have all the important stuff figured out. I'll be thinking of you and your upcoming tri...make sure you get open water swims in as well as your total immersion(I apologise if you've had this advice already)...the complete difference of open water (vs the pool) plus folks swimming over you (and I've had that happen, been kicked, scratched, and so forth) has made for some miserable compatators if they don't know to expect it. Anyway, you're obviously easy going and flexible, and will zen your way through any of that with panache. Best of luck!