Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's been a while and Fitness challenge.

Did you miss me? ;-)

It's been about two weeks since my last post. I just have not had a lot to share. Work has been surprisingly busy for this time of the year, (not complaining at all, it's a good thing) and the days seem to have been flowing into each other without much excitement. I am suffering from a bit of spring fever. The weather has turned here, and the days are filled with 85 degree weather, blue skies, tropical breezes and balmy nights. At work, when 3 o'clock comes around, I often get distracted and start thinking about some beach sprint and a swim followed by a nice cold beer. This weekend I will share some video so you can see for yourself what I mean. If we get lucky...I will capture some manatee snorts or dolphin frolicking.

I hope you all are taking advantage of Diane's great site Modern Paleo. It's a wonderful resource for information sharing and a easy way to keep up to date on many great paleo/primal sites. Also make sure you sign up for the google group. Thanks to that, I got a GREAT link yesterday to a NY Times article by Mark Bittman I often forget what a tremendous resource Mark is when it comes to straight forward simple and tasty recipes. He didn't dissapoint in the latest NY times article where he shows some ASPARAGUS PESTO. That's right, asparagus pesto. So that's what I had for dinner last night with the kids.
Decadent to say the least and super easy!

I bought some cod loins. 350 degrees in the oven for about 20 minutes. Just a tiny bit of water in the dish for moisture and 2 heaping tbspoons of quality butter. Easy enough?

Now for the pesto. Wash and cut your asparagus (one bundle) in to 2 inch pieces; boil for about ten minutes. They are done when you can insert a knife without pressure. Drain and save some of the water just in case.
Toss this SUPER VEGGIE, (Art Devany has often said that asparagus are the king of the veggie kingdom, anybody have anything to share about that?) into your food processor and puree. Next add 1 clove of garlic and pulse some more. Next add about 1/3 cup of pine nuts (you can use walnuts too) and pulse again. Add 1/3 cup of the best parmigianna you can get your hands on.

Mix again and add some salt to taste. Next add the juice from a wedge of fresh lemon.
By now your fish is probably done. Cooked in delicious butter water ;-) spoon some of it over the top of the fish.

Look at that green goodness.
Spoon the pesto on your fish and enjoy. HUGE hat tip to Mark Bittman for this one.

I'm getting ready for a small fitness challenge her locally. It's a reverse mini triathlon. 5K run, 15K bike, and 1/4 mile swin in the Gulf of Mexico. The swimming part is killing me!!!! Do you swim? It's the first weekend in June and will keep you updated. It's good to be back and I missed you ;-)
Make it a great day and smile!


Dave said...

Hey Marc,

Take a look at Total Immersion, it's the swimming program I used to learn how to swim (without thrashing like a dying fish).

Dr. B G said...

Hi Marc,

Love your blog -- big lurker I am *hee*

Love the Total Immersion method too -- it has streamlined my swimming this season... been doing mini tri's for a couple of years (casually) and the swim is not so daunting now! I don't mind ocean swimming at all it's just having all the flapping feet and churn of swimmers in my FACE, so I enjoy swimming the outskirts though takes a min or two longer for a 1/4 mile swim... (easy to make up on the bike).

Found these tips helpful:
Total Immersion

Tri Swim Leg

Never tried a wetsuit but in 90F I see the pro's wear them at the Tri For Funs here in Pleasanton... so I might just GIVE IT A TRY this yr...

Have fun!


Marc said...

Hi Dave,
Thank you so much. I spent yesterday browsing the information and I'm sold ;-)
I ordered the dvd.
Will keep you posted.

Dr. B.G
Thank you so much and I need to link your blog on mine as I read it often. thank you for always making complicated issues easy to follow.
See my remark to Dave. I ordered the dvd.
Let's hope for the best ;-)
Thanks again.


Christine said...

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