Monday, May 24, 2010

I still get crap for not eating crap.....and.....some fishy advice

Sad but true. People actually give me a hard time for not eating the "crap" they eat, and like to let me know all about the "crap" I eat.

Yesterday I did a little shopping at Whole Foods and ran into a personal trainer I know from the gym I go to.
As he saw the contents of my cart (2 packs of butter, bacon, fish, grass fed beef, lamb sausage, heavy cream, full fat greek yogurt, olives,  asparagus, garlic) he couldn't help but give me a disaproving glance. I wasn't going to say anything, but he started it ;-)  I will call him PT.

PT; " on Atkins?"
Me; "No, I'm hungry, and I know I shouldn't be shopping hungry, cause I always end up buying the bad for me foods"   PT not too bright and quickly comes back with;
PT; "you know... if you eat 6 small meals a day, you won't go hungry"
Me; "I haven't eaten since last evening's dinner, and I worked out this morning, I just want to go home and eat" PT now a little irritated and confused, decides to fall back on a bit of ball busting.
PT; "What's up with those "water shoes" (vff)? I see you wear those in the gym, do you swim or something?
Me; "I'm actually just learning how to swim"
PT; "huh?" (with a face to match the huh?)
Me; "I mean I can swim, but I'm learning HOW to swim properly, for a mini triathlon 2 weeks from now. It's a program called "total immersion" have you heard of it?"
PT; "No. but if you keep eating like that (points to cart), you're going have a heart attack soon"
PT chuckles (cause he got the last quality comment of the conversation in) and gives me a wink, and moves on.

I went home and made a delicious cod loin filet on the grill with melted butter. A garlic and mint lamb sausage with some yummy home made tzatziki.

I don't know about most of you, but I just don't really like making fish inside the house. Possibly because I don't have a good stovetop exhaust, but it just leaves the whole house smelling like fish for the rest of the evening. So here's what I do, it works especially well with flaky fish.
I drizzled the cod loin fillet with a bit of evoo, crushed red pepper and sea salt. Next I heated the grill, and just put the fish on a piece of tin foil on the grill. When close to done, I added some butter on top. No flare ups, easy clean up and no fish faling through the grates of your grill. Cod loin fillet is a great buy this time of the year. It's not farmed, and cost is about $3.50 a pound.


epistemocrat said...


Nice, Marc!

I like how you eat ... and those funny water-socks that you wear too!

Cheers to leading by example (and feeling good while enjoying real foods),


Mark said...

Did PT have his gallon jug of water him, or better, a sugary PW drink to replace all that glycogen he was no doubt burning?

Actually, I don't understand what you meant by I know I shouldn't be shopping hungry, cause I always end up buying the bad for me foods. Were you just trying to appease him? Your cart looks pretty good to me...

Marc said...

Thanks Brent!!
My compliments on your last post,
just incredible.
Hope you're enjoying some good summer weather.

I was being a smart ass. You know how CW says don't go shopping when you're hungry...
It's silly advice...when I'm hungry and go shopping I buy al the things I normally buy....except at a faster pace so I can get home and start cooking.

Funny you asked what he had....I didn't want to make him seem like a total waste....but since you asked. His cart was full of Gatorade G2 bottles, cuz whole foods was having a special on it!!
Why does Whole Foods even carry that??


Twon said...

As I always say, I am a pariah of the dieting world. Whenever I eat I'm open to comments about how I shouldnt eat so much fat, how I'm gonna gain weight, how it's gonna make me sluggish and tired.

...but now that I'm noticably lighter and bouncing around at twice my usual vigor the comments seem to have miraculously lessened ;)

I believe that there are numbers of diets that can all be successful and work for some and not others, and lower carb just works for me. Carbs make me feel tired, hungry and basically like crap. I'm going to trust what my body tells me, not the snide comments of others.

Natalie said...

You know Marc, your blog is inspiring to me. You eat the way that works for you and don't give a crap about what anyone else says about it. I think that's awesome. Best of luck on the tri training. Once you get the swim down you'll be golden! (Most people's weak point is the swim, though always my strongest, so you'll have a super advantage there.) By the way, what kind of personal trainer encourages others by scoffing at them and acting superior? What a dork.

Marc said...

Great points!!

So happy to hear that you are thriving eating this way.
Very cool!

Thank you.
Still struggeling with the swim...but since it's only 1/4 mile I should be able to doggie paddle it home ;-)

Sadly most of the personal trainers I get to talk too (most, not all) are so convinced of their expertise, and constantly trying to sell their services.
"Their cups are kinda full ;-)"


Meadow said...
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Erin said...

I think one of the top three reasons that it is nice to work from home now and not a cube farm is to not have to deal with the constant comments about what I SHOULD eat. I should just eat one piece of cake, one cookie, should go for one drink....blah blah blah. Sometimes I think folks were trying to convert me over to their food choices so they could feel less guilty. Like if the 'healthy' chick eats it must be okay to eat. Amazing that just abstaining from something could make people feel so uncomfortable.

Marc said...

I feel your pain.
Whenever I bust out my home made lunch package...people come in my office and stare and say "oh what you got going on today Marc? It smells like garlic" sigh...I close the door to my office now. ;-)
Thanks Erin, and a little jealous of the working from home thing. GOOD for you!