Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Product Review

You know the drill, but I'll say it again, no compensation here ;-)
Although it would be nice. I think Bryce's comment yesterday sums it up pretty good. We could help companies and their marketing efforts. Justin O, if you're reading , any chance of hooking up with Bryce and giving it a shot? To everyone not familiar with one of Justin's amazing sites, check it out. http://www.birthdayshoes.com/.

Found this over the weekend;

Was surprised how affordable this was. About $4.50 for 2 pounds. Just cabbage,water and salt.

I don't always have the time to make my own, so this is a super alternative. Sauerkraut falls in the category of "sense of well being" foods. Your body likes fermented food.

VFF's comment yesterday; I was in the gym, jumping rope in between sets, and this guy comes walking over and tells me he likes my "shoes", BUT, I going to hurt myself jumping rope without some support. I actually had a pretty good quick comeback. I asked if had ever seen the Masai jump up and down for hours. I told him i was pretty sure they don't wear the latest Nike's with 2 inches of shocks on the heel. He nodded his head and said, "hmmmm, that's right, never thought about that". I have a feeling there are some more talks to come with this guy, he seemed open minded and was friendly.

Do you use a jump rope?


AT22 said...

I have incorporated jumping rope (or I call it "skipping" :) into my warmup. I want to get to the point where I can do a jump rope workout as a supplemental workout. And I skip in my VFF's.

I am part of the Vit D Council study so I've done the test twice. From what I've heard and read about it, it's pretty darn accurate.

Mark said...

More shocking - the guy had heard of the Masai?

Love jumping rope.

Jeff said...

I don't get the disclaimer. I would think it reasonable to make it clear when you are on the pay roll for disclosure and all. Why do we have to say "I am not on the payroll" if we already aren't? Seems silly to me.

The kraut looks good. Do you have any idea why it is good for us? Did we somehow eat bacteria accidentally when we were eating day old unrefrigerated meat? I don't see the evolutionary angle but I am inclined to agree with you it is good.

I don't jump rope very often. Looks like fun.

Jeff said...

Just commenting again to get follow up comments. Wouldn't let me do it the first time.

Anna said...

I saw a very fit older gentleman shopping in the local Trader Joe's last week. He was wearing grey/green VFFs. When I passed him again in the next aisle, I caught his eye and mentioned I had two pairs of VFFs and love 'em. He agreed, of course. That's the first time I've seen them on anyone while out & about.

I usually make sauerkraut at home, but occasionally I buy some Bubbies brand sauerkraut, which is also make just from cabbage and salt. It is also raw with live probiotic bacteria (not all refrigerated sauerkraut is raw). Bubbies also makes dill pickles and dill relish with just a salt brine, and these are also raw and probiotic. I first saw Bubbies brand in cooler at a small local chain of "natural food" stores, but was very surprised and pleased to learn from the Bubbies website that the products are also sold in some supermarkets (in my area the Stater Bros supermarket chain carries Bubbies products). I try to keep a jar of the relish in the fridge at all times, as a way to add a dab of food probiotics here and there on a frequent basis. My son doesn't care for sauerkraut (yet!) but he loves a bit of pickle relish in egg salad, tuna salad, homemade tartar sauce, etc. I add a bit of raw sauerkraut juice to homemade salad dressings for the beneficial bacteria, too. SAD food is simply too sterile anymore.

Marc said...


Thanks for the VIT D. update. I am sending next week.
I like jumping rope for 30-60 secs. in between sets. Example this morning, I'll do 5 rounds of dips x 5 with 45# and then jump rope in between.

Yup ;-)
See above comment for todays workout. I've been really enjoying jumping rope in between sets. That way I keep moving for 20-30 minutes.

I agree and it is silly about the disclaimer....but the post from Richard at FTA got my attention, though.

I know there's been some talk about how kids need bacteria when they are young, and they don't get enough because are houses are too clean. There's a reason little kids put everything in their mouth.

The kraut being fermented creates a beneficial bacteria. Stephan a WHS did a great post with back up a year ago or so.

The jumping rope is giving me quick feet on the tennis court.

hope al is well in sunny So Cal.

you bring up a good point...i don't know if it's raw. I guess now I'm going to have the call Eden and find out.

I have had Bubbies and you're spot on, its a very very good product.