Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicken thighs and Vibram Five Finger Toes

They only had skinless thighs at my market so this is what I did.
Salt and pepper the thighs, cut up fresh ginger and garlic, toasted sesame oil and splash of maple syrup. The maples syrup creates a nice crispy crust. Marinate for a few hours.

Wood charcoal on the grill. Direct heat for about 6 minutes turning the thighs a few times. Then move them to the perimeter of your grill, indirect heat, close the lid and let cook a little bit more.
Topped off with fresh cilantro. They tasted very very good.

Vibram Five Fingers;
My toes are spreading. I've written before that over time my feet have changed shape from wearing the VFF. The most noticeable part is the space in between my toes. Anybody have the same observation?


Shanna said...

I've noticed the same thing happening with my toes. Seems to be only a couple toes right now, but I'd imagine over time they'll become less and less Borg-like ;) (sorry, my geek is showing)

Question for you since you seem to know about these things: What do you know about ChiRunning/POSE method? I've read the book ChiRunning and have looked into the POSE method on-line a little. My friend and I are considering going to a ChiRunning class offered in Dallas - we want to improve our running form but also I want to try to decrease my risk of injuring my ankle again...any thoughts?

Marc said...

Hi Shanna,

borg like ;-)

First Chi running;
If you are running long distances barefoot or in your VFF,(regular 10k's and half marathons) it's CRUCIAL you're stride is right. I think Chirunning can help make sure your stride and gate is efficient.

Pose has been around for a while and the "scientifics" behind it are real and spot on. If you have a recurring injury/repetitive strain injury, Pose might be the way to go. I think more so than Chirunning, it can "discover and eliminate" why you're injuring yourself.

IMHO, if you put in the time, I think you'll get more out of Pose. Again my humble opinion.

Does that help some?


Shanna said...

It does! Thank you! I had felt the same way about the POSE being more scientific ... which is why, being somewhat lazy, I haven't looked into it as much as the Chi. I think I need to consider putting more effort and time into the (possibly) more beneficial of the two. I'll run it by my running counter-part to see what she thinks as well ;o)

Thanks again!

Anna said...

Yes, I've noticed a slight change since wearing VFFs a couple hours a week. I don't always do exercise or intense activity wearing them, too; sometimes I just wear them around the house, while in the garden or for walks, or around town while I do errands. It's getting cooler now and I'm wearing them less because I want to wear socks for warmth. Might be time for a new warmer model of VFFs.

The first change was ease in putting on VFFs. When I first had them it took several minutes and multiple tries to put on each shoe, especially on my left foot, which has a bunion (the toes are even more crowded & out of place). Now it usually just takes under a minute to put on both.

I'm now more comfortable in "regular" shoes that offer minimal support. I used to only be able to wear "sensible' supportive and padded sole shoes , which unfortunately comprised most of my extensive shoe wardrobe.

I'm also more comfortable going barefoot or only with socks around the house than before (though I still limit it). I still don't go completely barefoot outside as I have very tender feet with thin sole skin, and I'm not that interested (at this point) in developing thicker sole skin.

One of the limiting factors in my use of VFFs or going barefoot is the 1" wide callous that is on the ball of my foot below the second toe (as a result of bone position shift from the bunion, which began in my early teen years). No matter how much I shave the callous my left foot always feels like I'm walking on a pebble and that isn't likely to change without surgery, which I've been putting off. A few years ago I was seriously considering surgery due to the constant inflammation and pain in the bunion joint (only the worry that the surgery would fail and create yet more problems prevented me from pursuing that treatment). Avoiding inflammation-promoting foods like vegetable oils sugar, and wheat seem to have taken care of at least 75% of the bunion inflammation, and the VFFs have helped, too.

Anna said...

Hey, I've got a question for you, Marc, and your readers, too.

My 11 yo son doesn't like to go barefoot and he's hated and refused to wear any sandals since around preschool or kindergarten (schools require close toed footwear for safety reasons). He's never liked flip flops. I'm not wild about him going barefoot outside as there are lots of tiny glass particles on the road pavement which sifts out of the recycling trucks - I can sweep in front of my house, but he's all over the neighborhood these days, often on his bike or skateboard. He has two neighborhood friends who are practically always barefoot when they are on our street/in the yards, but my son always prefers his sneakers. He only ever walks barefoot 1.5 blocks to the neighborhood pool.

He is very particular about the "look" of his shoes and for several years has preferred a clunky skateboard style. When he developed a foot fungus I was able to persuade him to wear classic Converse canvas shoes or canvas slip-on sneakers for one year, which immediately cleared up the foot fungus (which developed from wearing cotton socks and thick non-breathable upper Stride Rite sneakers. He only wears either CoolMax-type breathable socks or washable wool Smartwool/Thorlo socks, plus he alternates two pairs of leather/suede upper skateboard-style sneakers. Those measures seem to keep the foot fungus from coming back. But I'd love for him to wear footwear that is more flexible, lighter, more breathable/dries faster, and promotes healthy growth and development.

He also plays soccer and those cleat shoes need to be fairly tight confining for proper traction, etc. Now that the soccer season is about over he wants to sign up for rugby, which means more time in confining cleats.

A recent inspection of his toes has me worried that they are growing too cramped together for too much of the time. He can't stretch his toes out very much at all (my husband's family members all have very agile toes, but he seems to have my father's stubby feet). His foot skin is mostly baby soft so he doesn't like to walk completely barefoot even indoors, like me. I don't think there is anything particular about my son's feet that would cause concern for our doctor (who recommends very supportive running-style shoes, of course).

With my increasing respect for the healthy "barefoot" perspective, I'm concerned my son will develop orthopedic foot problems as he grows older. While he still is growing I'd like to encourage more natural foot growth, with toes that can spread and function naturally.

He's always been very image conscious so I'd really have a battle on my hands trying to get him into a pair of VFFs (at least not until his peers start wearing VFFs). Yes, he's far more "conformist" than I am ;-). And he's always active with bike riding, skateboarding, pickup games of football and rugby, etc., so he needs some foot protection if everyone else is wearing shoes.

I'm open to any suggestions on how to encourage him to wear healthier, less restrictive shoes or even go barefoot sometimes, at least while he plays in the garden or on lawns. Know any popular styles (or persuasion techniques) for kids that would meet his approval but also satisfy my objectives?

Jeff said...

I have not noticed a change in my toes. That is very cool you did.

The dish you show is classic FeelGoodEating. So simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Marc said...

Thanks for sharing that.
When you put them on, try and align the big toe and second to....if they are in place, they will slip on easy.

As to foot wear for your son...
Have you seen the Nike Free's?
Also the brand "sanuk surf footwear" might appeal to him.
My son alsways wants to be barefoot....I used to always tell him to put his shoes on. How I let him be.

Maybe your toes weren't as bunched together as mine.

Glad you liked the recipe. Try it sometime and let me know how it came out.
Did you have a good trip to Europe?


zbsports said...

I love the chiken and the vibram five fingers shoes, they both awesome, lol.

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