Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passionate Fitness

Passionate Fitness Guest Post.
For all of you that might not be aware of this site, Mr. Rafi Bar-Lev has put together a wealth of information on living well. You will also find there, great articles written by Mark Sisson and Richard Nikoley.

Rafi was a brave and courages army medic in the Israeli army. As you can imagine he knows a thing or two about injuries. He's always straight forward and available, so if you have questions for him, send him an email. You can also register on his site.

How to Get the Most Enjoyment Out of Healthy Living.

There's no argument that eating healthily and exercising is the healthiest way to live, so why doesn't everyone do it?

Well, firstly, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and secondly, a lot of people don't find eating healthily and exercising enjoyable. In the spirit of finally plugging all the holes when it comes to reasons not to live healthily, here are 5 tips on how to make living healthily a more enjoyable experience:

1. Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy: Weight lifting and sprint intervals are well and good, but not everyone enjoys doing them. Instead of going to the gym and working out on the machines, find an activity that you enjoy, like rafting, martial arts, swimming, or even dancing and go into it at full force. You will be surprised to find that even people who generally consider themselves "indoor people" can really fall in love with a great sport. Not only that, once you get really into it, you'll be hitting the gym anyway to improve endurance and strength for doing what you enjoy.

2. Find Good Healthy Recipes. Sites like Marc's Feel Good Eating are great because they show you great, easy to make healthy recipes that show that it's completely possible to eat great food without eating unhealthily.

3. Don't Stress Out About It. If you eat an unhealthy meal, or miss a workout, don't stress out about it. In fact, as long as you're messing up, you might as well enjoy it. The important thing is to just not worry about it and can't back into your rhythm after the relapse.

4. Workout With a Friend. While some people like to do things alone, many of us enjoy doing activities with a buddy. Working out with a friend is a great incentive to make sure you keep going to the gym, compare your progress, and have a good time.

5. Think Positive. As long as you keep thinking positively about eating and living healthily, you'll be better motivated to keep it up and enjoy every second.

Have a great day everyone and thank you again Rafi for this guest post.


Rafi Bar-Lev said...

Thanks for the nice comments Marc and thanks for putting up the post. You have an awesome site here! :)


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