Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Copy and Improve

My martial arts teacher used to say; "you need to make the technique yours. Learn the principle, crack the code, ditch the technique and make it yours." You can only do this by consistent correct (key word, correct) practice. So same really goes for eating right and exercising. There are some very basic principles for both. The "technique" if you will. So practice those basics correctly consistently, and you'll reach a point where you can leave it all behind and make it your own. And you can even improve on it, you'll have to actually because it's yours now. ;-)

Chris at Conditioning Research has great recent posts about keeping it simple. Check it out.
I won't bore you with my work out routine this morning, so here's some food to try.

The players; shrimp,garlic,onion,asparagus,tomato,lime,cilantro,coconut oil and cream.

In a wok or skillet saute the garlic and onion in the coconut oil. Next, toss in the cut-up asparagus. At this point I added some cayenne pepper and sea salt. Now add the shrimp and toss well. Squeeze the lime wedge over it. Add the tomatoes. Stir.......dice up your cilantro and add. Toss well......add splash of cream in the middle (reduce it down a bit....when it bubbles it's ready) toss well and serve. The shrimp don't need long in a hot pan, so don't overcook them. This was one great breakfast.

Simple, fresh and easy ingredients. Make the dish yours, add whatever you like. You can give this so many different spins with spices and flavors. "make the technique yours"!!!!


Elizabeth said...

That looks like some seriously tasty shrimp!

Andy's Blog said...

Marc, another great idea for my near-future meal planning. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

... and you make fun of me eating salmon for breakfast! george

Marc said...

Thank you!! Keep up the great recipes on your blog. I will add your link, sorry it has taken this long. ;-(

Thanks man!

I don't make fun of it......I just make fun that you eat it almost EVERY morning ;-)


Dam said...

I will certainly be making that recipe some time soon. It looks awesome.

Thanks for sharing.


Primal Mama said...

Hey Marc,

Just made it today and it was delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!

Marc said...

Hey Dan,

Let me know when make it and how you made it yours.

Primal Mama,
THANK YOU!! Thanks for letting me know!! I'm sure you have access to some yummy shrimp.


Andy's Blog said...

Marc, I made this the other nite and my wife described it as "a crowd pleaser". The only change I made was substitution of coconut milk for cream since I forgot to pick up cream at the store. It was a good side for the surf and turf dinner we had.

Marc said...

The coconut milk works perfect too!
Good stuff! Did you use any otehr spices?