Monday, November 9, 2009

Meat and Running

I know it goes against the "grain" of conventional wisdom and a lot of folks give me slack for it, but I eat a lot of meat. It's tough bucking everyone's opinion and input, my advice; don't argue it

"I can't give you a sure fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time" H. Swope

I have found my stride!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went for a run in my Vibram Five Fingers in the morning. After a few minutes of running, I realized I have found my stride! There was no effort, no struggle, no thinking how much longer, just a light feeling of pure happiness. I credit this feeling to my VFF's. Since I started running in them, everything thing has changed. My stride, my posture, foot position and breathing. I don't run far, about 5k most of the time (or less). But I just can't get over how much fun I'm having.
Talking about the VFF's, I was at a farmers market early Saturday morning with my oldest daughter, and I got tapped on the shoulder. With a big smile this gentlemen told me that "those are the coolest shoes I've ever seen!! Where did you get them?" I told him and then smiled wide at my daughter ;-)
It is a better reaction then I get normally.......most of the time people look at me and mouth "what the F#$@ is that???" Some people at work call me "monkey boy or gorilla feet".

Do you get looks when wearing your VFF's? Any name calling? ;-)

Have a great week everyone, remember that you can't please everyone and smile a lot!


Jay C said...

Nice post on both counts. Glad to hear that the 5 fingers are working for you. I'm close to buying, just not ready to run in them yet.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

i googled the shoes to see what they look like!! you should post a pic (if yu havent already) george

AT22 said...

I got a "cool shoes" from a paddling instructor. They appreciate them (and sell them!). I'm not sure if anyone in my gym has even noticed them. If so, no comments.

A Feng said...

While hiking I have only ever gotten positive comments or weird looks. Kids and Europeans seem to love them, and once when I was hiking in the Grand Canyon some Israelis (no doubt trained to track people in the desert) told me that they had seen my footprints and been looking for the shoes on everyone that went past. In the city, it's a different matter. Teenage girls in particular seem to think that they are very ugly.

Bryce said...

I'm thinking of proposing a "Five Fingers Ambassador" program to Vibram. Give me a coupon code on a bunch of business card, and I'll hand the cards out anytime someone asks me about my vibrams, which is every time I wear them without fail.

They use the code and get 5-10 bucks off of a pair, and every time 20 people use it, I get a free pair. I think the numbers would work out in Vibram's favor, so maybe it's something they'd be amenable too.

I'll let you all know when they start the Ambassador program so you can all join . . . just don't steal my idea ;-).

Marc said...

My feet are changing from them right in front of my eyes.
Which ones will you get Jay?

I have...but will post another one.
Were you not able to click on the link in my post?

Only one guy in the gym noticed and we spoke. I think others look away in disgust ;-)

How cool they noticed the different foot prints!
My ex wife saw me in them and said "WTF is that" as she pointed....I calmly said "nice to see you too" ;-)

Ok, that has got to be the best idea I've heard in a while!!!!!
I don't want to steal your GET IT GOING!!! ;-)
If you need my help, I'd be glad to assist in any way I can.


Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

I second your feeling about finding your stride. Similar thing happened to me. At one point it wasn't hard to run without wedge heeled shoes and it actually got easier.

I get comments almost every time I wear my VFFs. I haven't gotten any mean comments, so that is surprising. I recently have made the full switch to bare feet. Especially on a cool day I get a lot of comments about that too. I highly recommend trying complete barefoot. The rough ground feels great on bare feet. I have switched to doing most of my sprinting completely barefoot.

Bryce's idea is genius. I contacted vibram since I got so many people bugging me about them. At least they sent me card and made me an "Ambassador". The financial incentive would be great. I have passed out 50 cards at least so far.



os4 said...

I bought my first pair of VFFs about four years ago. They still attract stares and questions whenever I wear them out. At this point, they are my primary shoe, so I get quite a lot of attention. For the most part very positive and curious.

Most of the negative reactions are from those "runners" who think that running shoes and heel-striking are "correct" form. My aunt is a former Olympic marathoner, and I was surprised how skeptical she was about them. She paradoxically said that she loved running barefoot on trails, but couldn't imagine doing it all of the time. We live in an age where people expect that "technology" equates to "better".

Concerning your stride moment, I had a similar experience as yours. My first break-through was building up the strength and balance in my feet and lower legs. I think it took 6-9 weeks before I could run consistently day-to-day in them. I had my "stride" moment about 1 year into running into. I had moments along the way when I would notice distinct improvements. But the seminal moment felt like I suddenly was floating across the ground. It was a wonderful feeling, like a bird on first flight I imagine.

Mark said...

A lot of strangers have told me they think the VFF are cool when they see me in them.

A lot of people we hang out with in town think I'm odd. I believe they dubbed me "aquaman".

Marc said...

I want an ambassador card!!! ;-)
I do run barefoot on the beach, but have not around my neighborhood. The golf course where I live next to is starting to get crowded with people no more barefoot sprinting on the nice fariways.

Thank you for your nice comment and thanks for stopping in. I agree with you....many runners tell me they are very "worried for me" They can't get over they no-support issue. I can tell you that my feet have gotten stronger and "springier", I have gotten even faster on the tennis court.
Do you have your own blog you would like to share? I saw your profile is protected.
Thanks again.

Mark/Aquaman ;-)
At least most reactions are positive...that's a good thing.
I sometimes feel as if the "shoes" put people in a good mood...they seem to smile a lot when they look at me with them on.


Primal Mama said...

You are much braver than I am. I don't know if I could handle the looks, especially at work. I usually work barefoot, but, then again, I work from home:)

Marc said...

Hi Primal Mama,

To clarify...I don't wear them at work. But I've come in on the weekends and people will see me.
I gues it's too much of a contrast from my usual sharp dressed self hahaha
I do take off my shoes when I'm at my desk....

Congrats on the weightloss, keep it going!!!


Primal Mama said...

LOL! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My girl and I can't help but LOVE the attention we get with our VFFs!!! At the last couple of races we wore them in the response was really positive and there were quite a few people coming up to us. We may get more attention since we are two girls but regardless any opportunity to promote the VFFs and we are on board. Bryce - great idea in regard to the Ambassador program. We had so much attention at our last race we were saying the same thing - WE SHOULD GET PAID FOR THIS!!!!!! ;-)

Marc said...

Hi Anonymous,

Ambassadors of VFF's....I like it.
Thanks for your comment ;-)

Andy's Blog said...

First off, the beef looks great. My wife and I are raging carnivores.

I also get some strange looks and the WTF kind of shoes are those comments, but I don't care. I don't need validation from strangers on my footware selection.

Marc said...


I certainlt don't need validation either...but i do get a bit of a kick out of it....some people are so narrow makes me smile. Hey, the 5k is all of a sudden a breeze! You were so right....thanks for the support from the beginning.

The Bar-barron is still NOT a breeze. ;-) Man are those muscle ups tough.


Andy's Blog said...

Hey Marc, I'm real happy to hear that you are comfortable with the 5k now. So I'd describe the phase you are in as Time Improvement. Just push it a little more each day and drive that total time down.

Haven't tried a muscle up. They do look daunting and not sure if my wonky shoulder could take that.

Marc said...


I will keep pushing. I'm bvery curious if I can come in under 23 minutes Dec. 12th. But that's the goal.