Monday, August 17, 2009

Still here....

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been crazy busy. I almost have the next few posts in the "Garden of Eating, Cook Book Review" completed. They will be up shortly.

Above a picture of a "to go" breakfast. Some organic grapes, dollop of greek yogurt, turkey and smoked salmon.

I've been thinking a lot about my blog over the past weeks. It seems that there are now so many blogs out there showing daily meals, that maybe posts like this are becoming a bit obsolete.
It has always been my aim to show people new to primal/paleo/EF eating, that it is really quite easy to make the switch and that hopefully by detailing a few pictures and descriptions, readers would find some ideas and inspiration.

I think that the content of my blog is due for a change. I'll start posting a little on more involved and unusual recipes when I make them. This will mean that the food porn posts will not be as frequent. However, I will post videos when I prepare these types of recipes.

I will also start posting a few thoughts on "Feel Good Living". Just sharing some ideas on how to have a smile on your face everyday, and the art of always being in a positive and good mood.

I could also post about my way of exercising, but just like the abundance of food blogs, exercise blogs abound and I don't know how useful it would be.

What do you all think? Is there something you would like to see more of? Less of?
I look forward to some feedback, as your input will determine some of the content.



SportsGuy said...

More detail on the salmon please! That looks like gravlax to me. Or at least cold smoked. True?

Krys said...

I really enjoy reading your recipes, and have had the pleasure of trying a few of them, with wonderful success. I also enjoy when you post pictures not related to food, usually of some relaxing scenary. So if you added more posts on "feel good living" I believe it would be a welcome addition. Thanks for a great blog!

Jay C said...

Site's can always use a new look, but I agree with others, you food pic's look good, content is good, adding more Food Porn is always a winner.

Scott said...

Lifestyle tips and recipe videos would be cool. I always like reading your inspirataional quotes.
Great blog

Chris said...

You are the original and the best.

Marc said...

Thank you for the compliment and I'm happy your re enjoying the blog. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

Thanks man! And thanks for sticking with me from the beginning.

Thank you Scott. I look forward to making the videos.

Cheers! That is very kind of you sir!
So is your adivce to keep going in the same fashion?


Chris said...


I'd be happy for you to keep going as you are. However it would be interesting to hear more from you in different areas too

SportsGuy said...

Thanks for specifically ignoring my simple question. Stay classy!

Marc said...

Easy does it there SportsGuy ;-)
when I aw your profile, sportbetting came up. With all the phishing and bot stuff going on I wasn't sure you were real.
My apologies and thanks for leaving a comment.

It is smoked salmon from Costco


jaydcannon said...


Whatever you post, I'll read. As I've mentioned earlier this summer, you taught me to cook properly. The photos (& primal foods) inspired me to cook. I really learn best the times you leave out the specific quantities for a spice, temp, protein, etc. I used to cook by explicitly following recipie instructions. Now I've learned that I can be "good enough" with my process and take chances with recipies. This takes away the fear of making a perfect meal. Although there are many paleo or daily food websites, I will continue to come here first because the site lives up to it's name. Whatever the posts keep the feel good principles. Feel good about eating Fat and not eating carbs (as my diabetes doctor says I should), cooking with my wife, raising my 6 mo old paleo, exercising intensely, hiking in my vibrams, traveling & eating well, just loving a natural life. I'll continue reading.

Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

Please keep the posts coming. I read every one and look forward to them. I would also like to hear more about how you exercise.


Yummy Gatherer said...

I vote for "Feel Good Living" thoughts and cooking videos too! :)