Thursday, August 27, 2009

Screw ups

You know how sometimes you are not supposed to do something and you do it anyway?
Why do you think that happens? Are the urges just too strong or are you too weak?

Do you loose "personal power" when you've promised yourself not to do something and you give in?

For all of you that have ever asked that question of yourself, my advice is as follows:
Be gentle with yourself. You are meant to screw up. That's why you're here, to learn.
Once you've screwed up, it's in the past. You can't fix it or correct it anyway. Move on, be in the present and learn from the mistakes and try not to make them again.

Like I had mentioned earlier, some of the content of the blog will be different now and I hope it strikes a chord with some of you.

Of course pictures will always be a part of it ;-)
Here was breakfast yesterday;
Ground lamb with fresh garlic, celery and a few grapes.


As you know I'm on a mission to become a Bar-Baron. It's not an easy task, but it's nice to have a goal. Lately I've had the urge to run. I think reading the book Born to Run might have had something to do with it ;-) If you haven't read it, get to it. You will enjoy it immensely. So since the running urge has come on strong, I've decided to start training for an upcoming 5K.

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely wonderful that you have decided to run a 5K. I have only a few of those under my belt but I LOVE the way it feels when I finish!!
I look forward to hearing how your running goes! I'm also on my way to the library to pick up the book you mentioned which happens to be on hold for me there, crazy!
(cheating - maybe - but oh well)

Smoketheblowfish said...

Running a 5K sounds like a great idea...we all need something different every once in a while just for the sake of 'because'.

A few nights ago (2am) I found myself (outer body experience) standing in front of the fridge with a pint of choc. mint chip ice cream. Not just your average run-of-the-mill IC, but the good stuff (no BS additives). I grabbed a spoon and enjoyed some..without regrets.

It's all good just as long as a screw up doesn't become a habit.

Great topic



Marc said...


Let's say other 5K'ers inspire me ;-)

It was time to change it up ;-)

Talk about great ice cream, I bought my kids "Talenti" the other day. Wow, was that good. I was glad they finished it ;-)

Sorry again about hootie...


Yummy Gatherer said...

I want to know what you did that you weren't supposed to do! ;) haha

Marc said...

Yummy.....don't you know that in this great country you are innocent till proven guilty? ;-)

Yummy Gatherer said...

well, first you have to confess so we can judge your innocence :)

Beastie Girl said...

Hey, you're a Dutchie...

I'm desperate to get my schoonmoeder onto the primal/paleo path - far FAR away from her Sonja Bakker nonsense.

Do you know of ANY Dutch language paleo/primal information sources?

Marc said...

Hi Beastie!!
How's your journey coming along?
I don't know of any Dutch resources. My sister in Amsterdam, thinks it's al very strange what I do ;-)
Here's a link to that great video that was made. It's a Dutch version

Naomi from Naomi's kitchen might have some info....but she has not posted in quite some time.
Have a great weekend.


Elizabeth said...

I love that bar-barians pun. :D