Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep it simple

Life can get busy. When it does keep things simple. Take every little or big task one step at a time. Short on time this morning, so kept it simple and this is what breakfast looks like. Few pieces of left over chicken, half an avocado with a dab of fresh salsa, a few blueberries.

To some, simple might mean a "special K breakfast bar or a can of Ensure or something, but this is simple for me and it makes you feel good ;-)

In regards to keeping things simple. This morning's work out was a continuation from last week. Training focused on becoming a Bar-Baron. I had a wonderful and eye opening experience this morning. Last night I thought about my upcoming work out, and planned it all out. When I got to the gym and got going this is what happened. My stats for this morning; I could only do 26 dips and 13 pull-ups in a row. (Last time I did 40 and 18). I finished up with some other exercises and a few sprints. Somewhat baffled, I was curious why I was so off, compared to the numbers from Friday. I was not in the least bit tired nor did my muscles need recovery. Then it dawned on me! I had lost the "kid mind set". When you're a kid, you don't really think (read over think) much about what you can and cannot do. You just DO. When someone presents a challenge, most of the time you embrace the challenge, and you go for it. As you age, you tend to over analyze things. And that's exactly what happened with the work out. I was all focused and how many muscle ups I would be able to do, how many ladders I need to incorporate over the next months to get to the easy effortless 20 pull-ups, etc etc. Last Friday I had the "kid mindset" jumped on the dip bar and cranked out 40 in a a row with out blinking an eye. Do you know why I think this "kid mindset" is so important??? Because when you have the "kid mindset"..... YOU ARE HAVING FUN and YOUR KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE. Light happy spirit equals a light happy body. A bit of a ramble, but does that make some sense to you all???

Smile today!


Yummy Gatherer said...

SO true!!! :)

Question: How do you keep the kid mindset when your brain just wants to over analyze and stress out? How do you refocus? Is it just by noticing that you are not in the right mindset that you turn things around?

Mark said...

I think my wife would agree that I have no problem acting like a child :)

Marc said...

YES ,that is it exactly! You turn it around by asking yourself, "am I here and now?" When you start over analyzing, your thoughts are most likely in the future....not here in the present. Try it sometime.;-)

Don't all wives think that of their husbands? :-)


george said...

Marc - as a 66-year-old kid, i agree! the answer for me is to focus just on the "process" and not worry about the "results". when people say "enjoy the ride," that is what it is about. george

Son of Grok said...

Nothing is worse that paralysis by analysis my friend!

The SoG

Marc said...

That's a great point! Thanks for sharing. Look for a "guest meal" post coming up. thanks for sendng me your breakfast picture.

I know my man, I tell people all the time to just get going and stop worrying about they "should" be doing.
Long time no hear....hope all is well.


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