Friday, August 21, 2009


I think you all will like this.
Check out Rusty's Fitness Black Book latest post.
The Bar-Barians are in one word AMAZING.
Chris from Conditioning Research has been posting their videos for quite a while.

I have decided that I want to become a Bar-Baron. It seems a nice goal now that I just turned 42.
The requirements are as follows;

40 Dips
20 Pull ups
50 Push ups
5 Muscle Ups
To be completed 6 minutes or less.

My starting stats for this morning;
40 Dips (in a row)
20 Pull ups (18 and 2)
And.....I was shot ;-) I couldn't even bust out 5 push ups!!!!

I do not have the technique yet for a muscle up. I say technique because I assume since I can do 18 pull ups in a row, it's not a strength issue. I will be working on it, and I will post my progress regularly. I'm giving myself a 3 month time frame to try and get there.
Anyone game???

And a random picture from my hometown. Many people get married on little boats like this and then just cruise the canals happily partying with a few friends.


Yummy Gatherer said...

Those bar-barians are AMAZING! I'm impressed!!! Way to go!

Jeff said...

20 dips in a single set?!
18 pull ups in a single set?!

That alone is pretty amazing.

Marc said...

Thank you Yummy...
But you aint seen nothing yet ;-)
I'm on a mission.

40 dips in a row and then straight on to 18 pull ups..15-20 second rest and 2 more. But like I said, I couldn't even do a push up after that.
I've got my mind set on this thing, I want to try and be able to do it within 3 months.
FWIW, I do dips with a backpack normally with 45 pound weight in it..I'll do 6-8 of those x 3. So without the weight the dips have become pretty easy. I worked my way up for pull ups by doing ladders....

Bryce said...


It seems that you have good muscular endurance, but the thing preventing you from getting muscle ups could possibly be your power production.

Watch this guy:

Yes he has beautiful technique, but he also pulls so HARD on the bar, that he hurls him self up without much of a catch at the top for the first 10 reps at least. He contracts so hard he goes weightless, much in the way the barbell does during a clean.

A good way to help this would be to do heavy weighted pullup singles as fast as possible (no grinding slow reps), or single pullups where you try to get as much weightlessness as possible.

Those both helped me get muscle ups, but technique was important too.

For more on power production vice muscular endurance, Keith of definitely has explored this topic well in many of his posts.

Good luck with your quest!

Bryce said...

Whoops! Meant to post this link.

Mark said...

That is a neat goal that is very far away given my current conditioning. I wouldnt even know how to "train" for it properly...

Marc said...

Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the cool link and the encouragement. I will try for speed with some weighted pull ups.
Appreciate you leaving a comment. You always have good input on Keith's site.

Just like anything else I guess, One step at a time right? ;-)
Have you ever given ladders a try for pull ups. They really do the trick.