Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart"

Confucius said that quite some time ago...........important to listen to it now too.

Anywho, back to food :-)

Compound butter. Sounds fancy but oh so easy.

Some parchment or wax paper is what you'll need.

Butter. some basil, lemon juice and zest, coarse sea salt (only use if you are using unsalted butter) Mix together put on wax paper and roll in to a log. Tie the ends and put it in the fridge.

Now you can just slice round slices when you need to use it. I used mine to put on some grilled salmon.

This half of the log. Hope you can make it out from the lousy pic. It has nice strands of the basil throughout.

Also used some of the butter to saute some shallots, then added asparagus.

As you can tell from the green color, I like my asparagus on the raw side. Saute them quick and it has a real nice flavor.

Make it a great day!!!!!


sarena said...

Guess I will have to get me some more raw grassfed butter now! Thanks you have a great day too.

Marc said...

Yes you should ;-)
It was really great on the salmon.

I have not been to NYC yet, so no worries. When I go, I will touch base with you.