Monday, July 21, 2008

Enjoy every day.....PLEASE.

My friend in New York City has to be one of the bravest people I've personally encountered in my life.

What he went and is going through breaks some one's spirit. He's fighting hard to not let it, but it is an all consuming battle. He's going to make it, but it will have taken all his guts and perseverance. I saw him Thursday night in NYC and I cooked him and his wife a homemade bolognese/puttanesca sauce with angel hair and sauteed spinach. Lots of olive oil and garlic. He needs the calories. His wife and I shopped at Whole Foods to get everything fresh.

(Sarena my apologies, I was in NYC to short to connect.)

Ground chicken meatloaf and spinach pictures to follow, but thought I post a picture of myself

so you can put the face with the blog.

Have a great day everyone!


Lemur said...

That was nice of you to cook dinner for your friends, they're lucky to have a friend like you during hard times. And what a handsome friend at that! Thanks for posting a photo of yourself, it's always lovely to put a face with an internet voice.

sarena said...

SO thats you--I think I saw you in WF the other night:-) Just joking.

Nice of you to cook for your friends, I am sure it was well appreciated! And I am sending my wished that their troubles will be over soon.

And I am currently in Puget Sound on Bainbridge Island...

Naomi said...

You don't look that dutch Marc ;) Nice to see a picture tho, thanks. Handsome indeed!

Marc said...

Not everyone in Holland is really tall with blond hair ;-)

Do you ever make meatloaf? (gehakt)


Naomi said...

To be honest, I found out today that meatloaf is just.. a way to prepare gehakt! What a let down, it seemed all mysterious and totally awesome :(

It's like a type of burger it seems, what's the big deal? :P But no, I've never ehm, intentionally made meatloaf. How does it hold together though, if you don't use breadcrumbs etc?

Sigh, some mysteries are better left unsolved ;)

Marc said...

hehehe..... you are too funny!!

Well, "meatloaf" is pretty easy.
I don't use the breadcrumbs, but one egg and a little oil will do the trick to keep it together.
Try it some time. It's great for leftovers. This morning I had a nice salad with it.

Oh, I forgot to take a picture, but I made some indonesian rendang beef. totally amazing. And easy.
Little longer prep time, but well worth it.


Naomi said...

Indonesian rendang beef? Now that sounds intriguing!

(One quick google search later)

Yea, that looks good! What's your recipe?

Marc said...

I will do a post with pics for you. I'll make it tonight for dinner. Hope you enjoy the non-food pictutes today.


Naomi said...

Sure did! I'll be waiting patiently for the food.

btw, if you ever come to Holland again- you're invited for a bbq or something like that ;)


Marc said...

That sounds great!
I go home once a year, usually September.
bbq, anyhing really, we can cook something together. ;-)

Heb een lekker weekend.