Monday, July 14, 2008

Crock pot time

Slice an onion and chop garlic. 6-8 skinless chicken thighs and curry powder. Saute all in nice hot coconut oil. After you brown it on both sides, toss everything in the crock pot. Add some baby carrots and another half a sliced onion. Add one can of coconut milk, stir.

Cover, low heat. Come home from a day at work, to the most wonderful smelling house and an amazing ready to go dinner.

(Picture to follow)

Building up to post a for's a nice picture of where I grew up.


Chris said...


Naomi said...

You seem to really know your curry stuff. If I had a crockpot Id be off to make that right now!

btw, I was in Amsterdam yesterday :)

Marc said...

Yes sir ;-)
2 years ago I snapped some lovely pics. Like a tourist in my hometown.

The curry stuff is pretty easy.
Another version you can try is to use "red curry paste". Only difference with recipe is that you mix the red curry paste with the coconut milk.
I like curry....but you know what I like a lot better? Indonesian food. That's one of the few things I really miss from home.
hmmmmmm, maybe I'll make some indonesian beef in the crockpot. A little rendang beef.


Bill said...

I just bought my first can of coconut milk ever yesterday now i know what to do with it.And when you eat fruit do you ever worry about it spiking your insulin because it seems like you eat alittle every day?or should i not worry about it.

have a great day Bill

Marc said...

Hi Bill,
Good for you!!!
I think you will enjoy it.

As to fruit, I really don't eat a lot of it. And when I do, it's pretty random. I have not eaten fruit in about a week I think. but this morning I was at a breakfast and had a few blueberries and blackberries with my eggs.
Stick to the berries, and when your insulin is really under control, I think you can have fruit with out a problem. I would not eat in large quantities though.


Bill said...

Marc can you do me a favor can you make like a menu for me for a day i could follow,i had a Doctor visit with blood work and it didn't turn out good the Doctor put me on a protien sparing modified fast for a quick weight loss,she affraid of a stroke or heartattack for me .But i cant eat dry meat and a little green veggies a 1000 calories if you would like to e-mail me you can do so at

i really would like your help i could explain more if you want vea e-mail

thanks Bill

Bill said...

i also bought akiwi yesterday never ate one,i will eat it today do you have to peel it or just slice it up and eat it i dunno

thanks Bill

Marc said...

2 ways.

Peel it (you can't eat the skin Bill) or slice the top off and dig in with a small spoon.
Enjoy ;-)

In regards to your other question Bill; I'm not a doctor, nor a registered dietician. So I suggest you talk to your doctor and see what they recommend you eat. I am willing, once you find out what you need to be eating per your doctor, to give you some recipes and ideas based on those foods. sound fair?

Bill said...

Well the Doctor just wants me to lose fat as fast as i can thats why she put me on the psmf.She said i would lose about 4 lbs a week this way.She wants me to eat chicken breast,turky white meat and green veggies 1000 calories a day.iam not going to do that i will eat the primal way i believe it's healthier.

sarena said...

if your active and moving Bill--FAT will help you lose fat (as long as your not overdoing it)!

I eat kiwi skin--great fiber.

My crockpot dinner tonight was turkey necks, ground red onion and garlic, smoked salt (, black pepper and ground thyme and some water. I also chopped a bunch of lactino kale which I put in a mesh (think cheesecloth) bag in the pot.

WOW that was AWESOME!