Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicken meatloaf with spinach

Easy chicken meatloaf;

2 pounds ground chicken. Add a lot of garlic ;-) minced onion (one medium sized one), 1 egg, one tbsp coconut oil. Now you can use whatever you want here, but for a different and special flavor i used "ketjap manis" which is a sweet soy sauce. Paleo eaters beware, it does have some sugar in it. But you can use ketchup or soy sauce with some honey.

I make this in a pie type pyrex dish vs. a more classical meatloaf dish. Why? It cooks quicker and retains moisture better imho.

So this mornings breakfast was easy to throw together. Total prep time 10 minutes.
see pictures.


Bill said...

I have never herd of ground chicken or seen it in the store,ground turkey yes.Everything you make looks great keep the pics comming.


Marc said...

Hi Bill,

Usually the ground chicken is in the same section as the turkey.
But you could use the turkey instead of the chicken easily.

Have a great day.

sarena said...

Keep those pics coming!
I use both chicken and/or turkey and many times I puree some spinach and add it to the mixture (or broccoli). I have also done this with tuna or salmon!! Cool to top it with some almond flour, hemp or sesame seeds. Kinda makes a little crust!

Bill said...

Marc check this web site out great for making things lowcarb even paleo

enjoy bill