Thursday, July 3, 2008

Spiraling food costs, choices and something completely different

So food is getting more expensive here in the US.

The recent news is showing us that a gallon of milk cost more then $4.00.

Take a look;

This a 2.5 pound bag of spinach, (not from Mexico or China), from California. It sells at Costco for $4.95. What should we be consuming anyway? Our highly processed milk or spinach? It's all a matter of choices
and I'll say again that eating healthy does NOT have to break the bank, on the contrary, in these economic times, it might even be cheaper.

And now for something completely different;

Red cabbage "Cole-slaw" with cucumber, yogurt and red curry. Dissolve a little bit of red curry paste in water. 1/4 tsp perhaps. shred and dice the red cabbage and cucumber, add approx. 3 tbsps of greek yogurt. Don't know what possesed me to throw this together, but it is real tasty.

The picture is a little bright ;-)

Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone. Use that grill and don't eat any potato salad or chips ;-)

Remember to smile today and put a little love in your heart.


sarena said...

Hey thanks. I always smile when I read your posts!! Happy 4th!

Was thinking maybe some grilled peaches or nectarines sound good! Oh and I got these cedar sheets to wrap food with on the grill.

And I found this recipe:

Dave Clary said...

I haven't got my gas grill yet but I'll be doing some charcoal cooking tomorrow! Have a great 4th, Marc!
P.S. no chips but I might have a couple Amstel Lights! :-)

mamaelvis said...

Wow I thought Costco was cheaper for produce. That is not much spinach for that price.

Lemur said...

I left you a comment here yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared? =(

I think I said something like, every time I hear news about the rising cost of corn, milk, breakfast cereal, etc. I think, "Gee, I'm glad I don't eat those things anyway!"

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Did you take any pics of what you ate?

Marc said...

Hi Heather,'s happened to me also.
Oh well.

I did have a wonderful holiday weekend. I did drink a little to much on Saturday ;-)
I did not take any pics. which is sad because had I taken some pics of the ribs I made, you would have probably taken a bite right out of your screen ;-)
I hope your long weekend was good too.