Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Busy....but not too busy to eat right and feel good ;-)

Here's yesterday's summary of foods;
Breakfast was some left over turkey burger, with some asparagus stalks and left over salad.
Lunch; short on time, grabbed lunch at a salad bar in a large health food supermarket.
Some oven roasted turkey and some pulled rotisserie chicken, raw zucchini some peppers, some sunflower and pumpkin seeds some olive oil.
Kept it a light day as I had a client dinner.

Dinner; steakhouse, grilled piece of ribeye, sauteed spinach glass of red wine. Too much food, but I enjoyed it.

So today, some calorie restriction.
Breakfast; 2 boiled eggs (egg white only, handful of grapes, 5 almond)
Lunch, few bites of grilled chicken, some lettuce and tomato.
Dinner will most likely consit of a glass of red wine and early night sleep.

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