Friday, January 8, 2010

Tomatoes and Sunset

The area where I live is one if not the largest producers of tomatoes in the U.S. Just yesterday I was fortunate enough to get a back door pass to one of the farms and packing houses. Pretty neat and I learned a lot about tomatoes. From a paleo/primal perspective, I now understand why there are many people that can't tolerate them well, as they are part of the night shade family. It's not easy to grow them with out a lot of "intervention". Took this picture of the field that was quite beautiful.
I thought I'd also share this picture with you all that I snapped New years eve at sunset.

Have a great weekend everyone! As promised next up, Spanish Ground Lamb Recipe.


ame said...

actually tomatoes are very easy to grow. As long as you don't mass produce them. In the summer I get a huge crop of them, from one or two plants.

So, if you have any space to get some outdoor sun, I recommend growing your own tomatoes - esp. the heirloom ones. Yum!

btw - I'm new to your blog - great job. :) It has been fun reading it. I haven't caught up yet, too bad I didn't find it before the holiday's ended. but soon, i hope. lots of great food tips. thanks for all that work.

Marc said...

Hi Ame,

Thank you so much for that nice comment. It's always been my aim to share how easy it is to eat this way. It's my way of giving back what I've gained from this lifestyle.

You are absolutely right about the tomatoes and I should hve specified that better. Mass producing is tough.

Thanks again.