Thursday, January 14, 2010


I added the link to to Dr. Kurt Harris's site PaleoNU. I meant to do this a while ago, but the administrative duties of my blogging usually fall behind schedule. Hence the lame lay out ;-) At some point I will get my butt in gear and make it look a little nicer. In my third year of keeping this effort up, so I don't feel too bad about it. I hope it continues to provide all of you with simple ideas on how to keep on going.
PaleoNU has been one of my favorite daily reads since its inception. Many articles I re-read, to fully comprehend the informatin so generously shared by Dr. Harris. Go have a look if you are not familiar, you will not be dissapointed, I promise.

Richard's latest post on Free the Animal is a MUST read for anyone following a paleo/primal/ef lifestyle. The comments are eye opening and I never knew that people experienced so many difficulties. Are you experiencing issues? I was going to leave a long comment, on Free the Animal, but decided to do a post and offer some support and thoughts on the subject. I am NOT a researcher, scientist, Dr., scholar and am in no way qualified on anything really.........BUT for the past 4 years I have lived N=1 and M=1. I can share with you what I've learned through trial and error and careful observation. Example, had you told me 5 years ago that if I didn't work out for 2 weeks, I would improve body composition and get stronger, I wouldn't have believed you. I had to find out for myself. Had you told me I could play 5 hours of a tennis tournament competition in a fasted state.....I would have laughed at you. My list can go on and on, but you get my point. You MUST ultimately make it your own........find out what works for YOU. Go and read some off Brent's Health care Epistomecrat for amazing writing about n=1,m=1 and bricoleurs. I have also added his link on the right. I have a feeling you will be hearing more from Brent over the coming years. I would even dare make a bet that he will publish a well known book at some point in time. So Richard's latest post has I think caused quite a stir. We have not heard the end of this in my opinion.

My thoughts;
This will be a ramble so try and stay with me ;-)
I will start a list followed by some thoughts on those statements. Again ...these are MY feel free to fire away on me if you don't agree.

1. Most people come to paleo/primal ef because they are overweight and want to loose weight. I think many startt off too strong and hardcore. Much like when folks decided to "get in shape". It's all to much, to fast.

2. A lot of people over analyze the whole paleo/primal/ef concept. Maybe that's were I'm actually lucky that I am not so learned. One only needs to closely look at Art Devany's older meal pictures and you have a perfectly clear picture to send you on your way. Over the past 1-2 years, his EF way has been somewhat questioned by the crowd that has been following him for 4 or more. But if you look will see that he eats the "variety of foods" that I think has been missing from many that have come to the (hardcore) party over the last year or two. I remember comments on his site like "isn't that a lot of fruit?"
or "you're portions are so small?"  (in your mid 70's you need less food then mid 40's)  Art changed his eating ways over 30 years ago. He has stressed many a time "stop worrying, it will come, it takes time, enjoy the journey etc etc" I have a feeling he suffered a few "symptoms of change" 30 years ago....after all, he too ate plenty of cheese burgers and drank to many beers at one time.

3. Alcohol. I suspect many many folks still drink to much. Once your "internals" start changing, too much alcohol (FRUCTOSE) causes havoc. I know this again from careful personal observation. For some, 3-4 glasses of wine is ok, for some one glass might be to much.

4. The art of living. This paleo/primal/ef way is an art. You must make it your own. What works for others will not work for you.

What to take away from my ramble?  EAT REAL FOODS and GET BUSY LIVING!

Real foods includes EVERYTHING that doesn't come in a box or can. It might take some time for your sytem to come back to normal, but once it does VARIETY is key. Yes you can eat watermelon, yes you can have an organic potato. I've always called it ef/paleo/primal, the combination of all 3 makes it perfect in my humble opinion.  

That's it for now, let me know your thoughts.


Megan said...

Great post Marc! I definitely agree with your last paragraph and the simple reminder to not worry about eating certain foods because they might be a little carb heavy according to the primal way of eating. Consuming food in its natural state is always better than anything that comes out of a box or processed beyond recognition. =)

Mark said...

Yes, great post Marc.

Richard's post was excellent and it helped me as I have some of the evacuation issues he mentions ( I commented on his post).

It often seems from the blogs I read on this topic that it all comes easy - these bloggers all get super lean and can see their abs, they all just give up sugar and never seem tempted by it, they never get sick, etc.

While I have seen great changes, my path hasn't been as easy. I've had terrible issues with diarrhea (periodically), I never got as lean as others, and I occasionly get compulsive with eating and inexplicityly find myself binging on things I try to avoid (peanut butter, dark chocolate, ice cream) -even when I am not hungry (and many times already full). I still struggle with sugar (though I am on day 14 of no sugar and feel great).

Richard's post leant some reality to the paleo-bubble and it gave me some hope that I will get through it. I really do think this is the way to eat and I have struggled to understand why I haven't adapted fully yet.

Thanks for bringing Art DeVany into this. His attitude is spot on - patience, control the process, and see what happens. He is truly wise.

AT22 said...

Great post. Like Mark, my path hasn't been the easy way that some people appear to have. Your reminder is perfect.

(Great job on 14 days, Mark! I've cut back the chocolate, but not 100% :)

Chris said...

great post Marc

Andy's Blog said...

Hat's off. Good summary. The FTA post was very good indeed and you added even a bit more.

Marc said...

Thank YOU!
worry is a poor way to use your time ;-) Thanks letting me know your thoughts.

Very very true.
In regards to getting lean......
1. I think desk jockeys might have a tougher time then someone on their feet all day. Just speculation and some observations.
2. Posture very important for visibility off ripped mid section...this doesn't get discussed much....again Art had a comment about it at some point.
3. Want to get lean and ripped?
Start doing the exercises you NEVER do.

Sugar, In holland i grew up eating black sugary licorce. G'd forbid my parents bring me some or my siter when they visit. I gorge on it....can't have just one. It's a sick thing this sugar.
Thanks as always for your honest and straighforward feedback.

The path does get easier over time. Stick with it...and see my comment to Mark, sugar is evil ;-)
There is no happy medium, it's an all or nothing issue.

Thank you so much! I read your blog everyday, you have pointed me to so much good stuff!

Thanks man. Guess what this crazy dude is doing??
Just cuz I feel like it....I'm joining my friend who is running a half marathon tomorrow. I have no idea why...but i'm just overcome with the urge to just do it.
I will run very very slowly.
Calf is all better by the way....I think it was a "hydration" issue.
Post to follow after Sunday.


Jeff said...

Good post. I haven't many of the negatives he describes in his post. My wife gets the big D when she indulges, but I don't. Then again I don't indulge often and not much when I do anyway.

I too am finding my way back to Art's stuff. The lacto-paleo experiment didn't work for me. I am better of eating in his way and getting lean. Overeating in an attempt to gain is futile in my mind if you don't have the genetics for it. Either that or I haven't found the sweet spot, who knows.



Rusty - Fitness Black Book said...


You are famous, buddy :)


Andy's Blog said...

How did the half-marathon go you crazy man? Occassionally I get the urge to just keep on running and running, but am not sure how well I'd hold up over 13 miles.

Anonymous said...

I've given your blog to an online friend who is interested in the Nike Frees & I told her you have a pair. She wants to know what model to buy for herself and since I don't know enough about them to offer advice I thought I'd ask you! If she stops by her name is Heather.
Any info I can relay to her?

Anonymous said...

she's aka RunFasterMommy ;)

Marc said...

Check the next post ;-) I think you will like it!

No problem!!
Great transition shoe. I actually wore it today for the half marathon. It's also just a great all aroun sneak that feels good and light and is the closest athletic shoe you can get to being barefoot. I will keep my out if Heather stops by.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I'll let her know. Congrats on finishing your first 1/2 marathon. I heard what your time DO know you've given my girl and I a challenge for OUR 1/2 right? Of course you do!! ;)

Zach said...

Marc, very nice summary on the numbered section regarding your thoughts. I think getting the rate ratios of supplements, macronutrients, waiting enough time before/after working out with IF, how often to work out, etc.... it can all be a bit overwhelming if you let it. I have found that I'm at my best when I lay out for the day or week my meals, supplements, workouts, etc., as a general construct schedule to follow but just let it work out how it works out. If life flows differently than expected because of work, errands, a phone call... it's OK. Just live life, over weeks, months, years, a healthy pattern is formed. Every details doesn't have to be mapped out, just let it happen. Good reminder to do so. Cheers.

Best Regards,

Marc said...


If you are into athletic endeavors, the over eating might be a necessity....other wise...futile in my opinion.

THANK YOU. Please see my next post!

You hit the nail on the head!!!
"A healthy pattern is formed" GREAT comment. Thank you and thanks for stopping by. Nope to see more of you.