Monday, January 4, 2010

The "Murph" a CrossFit workout

Little Crossfit workout this morning to start the new year.
The "Murph" consists of the following.

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run.

My calf is still not right, so I "rowed" for the 2 miles instead.
I started with 20 pull ups, 45 push up and 20 squats.
From there my numbers only decreased and the last 25% of the work out, I could only muster 5 pull ups, 12-15 push ups and 12-20 squats. It's a tough cookie.....give it a shot. My time was around 47 minutes.

Man was I looking forward to breakfast an hour later.....
Left over Spanish ground lamb, with one small boiled potato. Recipe for the lamb to follow with picture.

Have a great day everyone.


Mark said...

In the non-running portion, you do pullups/pushups/squats in any order and number until you get the designated totals?

I'd try it but there is no way I could do 100 pullups in any reasonable time. That is a lot of pullups (at least for me)

Marc said...

I stick to the order of pull ups then push ups then squats.
But in any number to get to the designated goal.

It looked something like this;
20 pull ups, 45 push ups, 20 squats.
12 pull ups, 30 pushups, 20 squats
7 pull ups, 20 push ups 20 squats.
Then the cussing and huffing and puffing started ;-)
for the remainder I did just 5 pull ups and about 12-15 push ups and 20 squats. The squats were the easy part really. I was done with them first....then the push ups and finally I had 15 pullups left. They went in intervals of 3.

I think you could do 100 pull ups in reasonable time. 20x5.....I bet you would do it in 20 minutes.
did I motivate you yet? ;-)

Mark said...

The max # of normal pullups I can do is around 6 (fully rested). I can do a lot more chinups and pullups with a palms facing in, probably b/c that involves more of the biceps. No way I could do 100 regular pullups though...

Still, I love challenges and changing it up...who knows, maybe I will do a 1/2 Murph tomorrow...

Diane said...

Just found your blog through Shanna. And I'll be back :)

Andy's Blog said...

Marc, hope you didn't injury the calf running. Anyway, I've been looking to increase reps with lighter weights for a change and also doing more of these kind of workouts to mix things up.

Try the smoke500 challenge sometime; that's a killer.

Smoketheblowfish said...

Marc, what an incredible absolutely insane effed-up workout! I had to look at that bastard 4 times before I could truly digest the perfection of the "Murph". Throw in 150 Burpees and Murph becomes just a wee bit more evil and sadistic.

Murph and I are going to have a meeting on Saturday morning.



Jay C said...

Not a big fan of these workouts anymore. Way to easy to develop an overuse injury and really, doing Air Squats, waste of major friggin time. Deadlifts, Squats and Press, all done with Barbell, now that's work. Toss in some PowerCleans, end of story. Xfit is lame as two day old toast.

Marc said...

Let me know how your meeting went ;-)

2 day old toast? ;-)
I do agree with you on the overuse injury. BUT....I think they are fun work outs every now and then to change things up.

Heavy lifts without breaks for about 20 minutes, is still my favorite and has shwon me the best results.


k said...

All of you guys are just insane with these pushups, pullups and squats. Mucho respect for you!!!! I'll just go run my 13 miles and then plop down on the couch ;-).

gym equipment said...

This is such a crazy workout! I tried it a few days ago and I am still feeling the effects! Really not for the feint hearted. The pushups were the part where I really felt like giving up!

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