Sunday, January 24, 2010

Salsa Verde

Before I get to this most decadent easy to make little condiment, I thought I'd give you an update on how I felt the week after running that half marathon.

My knees got progressively more sore and sensitive on Sunday, and by Sunday night I could barely take steps. Monday morning my knees were fine. No pain, no sensitivity whatsoever. My thighs (quads) were a little sore now. Mid day on Monday the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) took hold. I got progessively worse over the course of the day, and by 5 pm I was walking like some old fashioned cowboy that just got off his horse after a 5 day ride. Woke up Tuesday morning with NOTHING hurting or even sore. To be honest, I was kind of on a 'high" till Thursday from the race.

I am formulating my thoughts, and soon will share some of them on "random-ness", especially in regards to exercising with weights and running.

Ok, back to food.
Salsa Verde;

This one is so easy to make. Ten fresh tomatillo's, three jalapeno's and four cloves of garlic. If you look close you will also see a "scotch bonnet/habanero" pepper. I did not use it, but it's color looked so nice with all the green. Grab yourself a pot of water and boil the tomatillos and jalapenos until soft. Mean while, in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, warm the garlic on low heat. Get out your food processor and put the garlic (with the oil), jalapenos, tomatillos and a few sprigs of cilantro in it.Pulse until you get your desired texture. Some like it chunky, other might like it a bit more runny. I know, I know my pics are still phone pics. I will get the new battery for the camera today!

Try this, grill chicken thighs or flank steak, and mix some of this salsa verde with a tablespoon or two of full fat greek yogurt. Spoon the mixture on top of your grilled meat. It's delicious, trust me.


Coach Cherrick said...

Congratulations, looks like we had almost an identical experience, though I did run in my VFF and got all the looks and questions you anticipated. Amazing that we both did this at the same time. I haven't done anything other than CrossFit, and my longest run was 5 miles months ago. Running in the VFF did create some discomfort for me, but nothing that two days couldn't cure. You can see my shorter take on my experience here. Great job!

Marc said...

Hi Coach Cherrick,

Congrats to you too! Glad you also recovered very quickly.
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

Marc said...

Congrats on the race! I just think that's so amazing that people can do that! I'm actaully running my first race this Spring and I'm super excited! Any suggestions? Love this recipe....thx for sharing :)


balujan26 said...

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Natalie said...

I love the image of cowboy walking, I know THAT feeling! I'm still just SO impressed by you. And it gives me hope...I have 3 major races on the next three weekends (one a 72 km relay race through the rugged and sandy mountains of Dibba in Oman called the Wadi Bih) and am woefully unprepared. Hey, I'm mixing it up, right? Recipe sounds amazing, and I know a certain husband of mine will love it. Now, if only I can find tomatilloes...

Marc said...

Hi Jen,
Thank you much!
Suggestion is "just do it"
Mindset is key. Good luck and let us know how it went.

You are welcome.
Thanks for stopping by.

are you kidding me??? 72 K and you are impressed by me???
I'm impresed with you! Keep it going...but not too much ;-)
Tomatillos where you are might present a wee challenge ;-)
Good luck on the race.


smith said...

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