Monday, December 7, 2009

Sushi Lovers

I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE sushi/sashimi.
Like some type of addiction, I CRAVE it.

Short on supplies at home, but made myself a little something to "curb the jones"
Between some saran wrap I flattened out smoked salmon slices. Finely diced up some cucumber,scallions and nori/seaweed. To that I added a little dollop of dijon mustard and mixed it together. Lay on top of the salmon and add fresh sliced avocado. Rolled them up for easy eating and cutting. Really delicious. I had no soy/tamari sauce otherwise would have added that to the little mixture.

This week I will make some tuna tartare and share that recipe with you.

As a dad, I've always really liked this quote from Wayne Dyer "“Your children will see what you're all about, by what you live rather than what you say.”

Make it a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

DELICIOUS!!! Looking forward to getting that tuna tartare recipe! :-)
Like you, I LOVE sushi!!! I would seriously eat it every meal if that was a possibility for me!!!

The quote by Dyer is really a great one too. I try to remember this often in my day to day to make sure the message I want my child to get is the message I'm living. It helps me become a better person.

Thanks for sharing!

Jay C said...

Great quote, nice snack

Mike - Fat Loss Tips said...

Looks good.
I'm becoming a sushi lover as well. I love the delicate nature involved in creating this amazing food. I also find it to be a much better food to socialize around as well oddly. Much better then typical American food fare.


Marc said...

Tuna recipe coming up shortly.

Thanks man. One bite snakc right???
Hope all is well at your end, that you're chowing on and lifitng heavy.

sushi/sashimi is just plain awesome. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to checking out your blog.