Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sushi Lovers 2, 5K and a Question

Well I promised you all a 'Tuna Tartare" recipe, so here it is.
Find your self a nice piece of ahi tuna. I actually get it frozen from the local fish market.
I can't find it fresh very often around here.

Ingredients; Scallions, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, soy sauce, wasabi, fresh ground pepper and a tiny bit of mayonnaise.
It's hard to tell you how much I used of's a taste thing. Finely chop the scallions. With a clever or chef's knife, chop and mince the tuna. In a large bowl mix it with the scallions. Now start adding your ingredients and keep tasting until you like it ;-) How simple is that?
I served it in a half an avocado.

I was just in one of those nice moods to cook, be creative and listen to music.
So I also made something else to go along with the tuna.

Feel Good Eating Bay Scallops

Thin slices of yam/sweet potatoes fried in coconut oil, seared bay scallops with a soy/sweet soy glaze. Drizzled with jalapeno dressing and a very thin slice of jalapeno. This was delicate, full of flavor and I even surprised myself a little ;-)

Let me know if anyone wants the jalapeno dressing recipe.

So this Saturday is my first official 5K. I feel very good, except for a small calf "twinge". I ran 4.5 miles last week, and even though it hurt, I ran through it with the exception of the last half mile where it was more stop and go. I'm excited to run, it's a beautiful course they laid out. I will post results, even if I come in around 28 minutes vs. the under 24 that I'm shooting for ;-) As Andy has said to me, "don't leave anything out there", I promise you all I won't.

Of course I will be running in my VFF's. I have a suspicion that I will be the ONLY one there in VFF's. I will just have to deal with the stares. So here comes the question of the day;

How do you pronounce it VEEbrams or Vibrams?

(Justin if you're reading, would love your input.)

Make it a great day!


justin said...

Most people say V-eye-brams but the correct pronunciation is V-eee-brams.

I personally prefer the "eye" pronunciation because it jives more with "vibrate." Of course, I also think that "five fingers" is a terrible name for our beloved foot gloves.

Good luck on your race -- don't hurt yourself!

Marc said...

I had a feeling. Thank you!!
I used call them V-eye-brams...
But no more since it was pointed out to me.

I bought a pair for my friend (so there could be 2 people in my town that have them ;-))
And he described them as "callouses". Thought that was different.

Thanks for the good wishes and keep up the good work on your sites. I really enjoy them.


A Feng said...

I call them Veyebrams. I realize that Veebrams is the correct pronunciation (the company was named after an Italian guy, I think his name was Vittorio) but I can't bring myself to say it. Good luck in the race!

The tartare recipe looks amazing. Still working up the nerve to prepare raw fish in my home though.

Mark said...

Funny, I never even considered veebrams...I just assumed Veyebrams.

I need to get some of those leather Vibrams they have now.

Good luck on the run. I bet you can't wait to stuff yourself with bagels, bananas, and gatoraid at the finish line ;)

justin said...

Sorta like prosthetic callouses ... heh :) I like that.

Ian Simon said...

Good luck with the race. It'll be over pretty quick so race tactics are - start out as hard as you can, then speed up in the middle before sprinting the last bit :-)

AT22 said...

I always thought it was Veyebrams. I guess I'll have to change my pronunciation!

Marc said...

A Feng,
Thanks for the good wishes....and the raw fish at home is no different then raw fish at a restaurant ;-) Thanks for the good wishes.

You know it! I'll report back what the "refreshments" were. X-mas means another pair of Veeebrams for me ;-) Some great new models, but i think I will end up with a pair of sprints. Thanks for the good wishes!

Justin,'s really cool right that that is how he saw them. He will only wear them on the beach....for now ;-)

Great hearing from you! Hope all is well.
That is the best race tactic! I will try my if only I had some longer legs like yours...Thanks for the good wishes!

I like veyebrams but.....I'm a stickler when outher don't pronounce things I wil have to practice what I preach.


Primal Mama said...

Have a great spin out there! Don't forget to get a good warmup in before the race, your calves will thank you!

Jezwyn said...

V-eee- and V-eye- are both incorrect.

The actual pronunciation of Vibram rhymes with rib or crib.

It's short for "Vitale Bramani", the original designer. Italians use short vowel sounds, whereas eee and eye are long vowels.


Dave Clary said...

Good luck on your 5K. I miss my running days although I don't know if I could handle VFFs. I was a Clydesdale heel striker for too long.

Andy's Blog said...

Hi Marc. Thanks for the shout out. I've been on the sidelines since the demolition derby in FL.

Regardless, best of luck in your 5k. Be confident. You know you can put in a decent time and enjoy it. My last piece of advice is to try to find a clear running line and avoid dodging around slower runners if you can; that weaving around people for the first mile slows you down.

Marc said...

Primal mama,
Good advice and I did go see a massage therapist yesterday.
It helped. Thank you for the good wishes.

Good point.....
No i'm really torn on what to call them. ;-)

Old dogs can learn new tricks right?? How have you been?
Thanks for the support.

Great advice....really appreciate your support and encouragement. can't wait to let you know how it went. Heal well......and have a relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Mostly because I'm bored but also because I don't like to not be "in the know" I found this video that shows an amateur interview with the CEO of Vibrams himself. The interviewer keeps calling them Veyebrams but at the very end the CEO clearly calls them Veebrams. I think he of all people would know ;)
Just thought I'd pass it along!

Oh, and I bought the Oikos Greek Yogurt today and tried it (blueberry). I really really liked it! I can't wait to try the honey ;)

Marc said...

Thanks for sharing that video.
Cool stuff.
Glad you liked the Oikos. You didn't enter the give away ;-(
Hope all is well and that you are recovering from your 11 miles. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I know...I should have entered. I came here like 3 times intending to enter but then changed my mind just as many times LOL :) I'm's my only defense!!

Marc said...

My grandpa used to have a little sign above his desk.
A saying he coined and had it framed on a little wooden frame.
It said "Ever meet a normal person? and...did you enjoy it?"

His way of saying we are all weird. It's what makes all of our interactions so enjoyable ;-)