Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays and Give Away Results.

It sure is a busy time of year. I hope everyone is enjoying the season.
I know it's hectic and crazy at times, but don't fight it, it keeps coming back every year anyway;-)
Might as well enjoy it. And if you can't seem to enjoy it. Be happy and grateful for all the people that do enjoy it.
Sorry it took me a week to get the results to you of the Oikos give away. It's was a very involved "selection winner picking process". ;-) I cut up a few pieces of paper and picked one. Mark you were the winner. Please email your contact details to and she will send you your winners package. For any of you that have not checked out Marks blog, take a look. He has a recent post on "brining" that is very useful.
On to some Feel Good Eating;
Grab your cast iron skillet and grill up some eggplant, zucchini, onion and a spicy pepper. Top right was the one I used. A fresh cayenne pepper. When done toss it in a food processor and drizzle a bit of olive oil in there and add some cilantro. Season according to your taste. The reason you don't see any grilled garlic in there, is cause I was out of garlic....agggggghhhhh the horror! I don't remember ever not having garlic in the house, but there is a first for everything. What you have now is a nice "vegetable hummus". You can use it in a variety of ways. I just added a helping to a nice green salad with evoo.
Breakfast this morning;
Salmon salad with home made mayo. The post I did a while ago, shows how easy it is to make yourself some mayo. Now for some the evoo flavor is too strong. But for salmon salad it works perfectly. Tuna not so much. It also pairs well with grilled chicken. Do you find the flavor to strong? What other dishes do you use it for?

This salmon salad had a tiny bit of fresh cayenne, green bell pepper and cilantro mixed in.

Update on bar-baron challenge...... folks....drum roll......I'm up to my 3rd muscle up. Even uglier then the second one.....but I'm getting there.


k said...

Okay, that vegetable hummus sounds delicious!!!!! YUMMY!!! Don't discount your success in reaching that 3rd muscle up!!!!! Thanks for sharing, great work, and keep it up!

Mark said...


I tried EVOO mayo and was knocked back by the taste. I am willing to try it with salmon though. Did you use canned salmon? I get the wild canned stuffed from TJ's - apparently it's one of De Vany's favorites.

I bought some macadamia nut oil specifically to try to make mayo again but the bottle is half gone and I haven't had mayo :(. The bottle is so expensive and it just dribbles out...I haven't had the guts to use a big portion for cooking.

Marc said...

Hey Mark, congrats ;-)

Yes I used canned salmon. I really like the brand "Bear and Wolf" its wild salmon and Costco carries it sometimes. Sadly no TJ here ;-(

I have never made it with macadamia nut oil but have heard good things. How about trying to make a really small portion?


Andy's Blog said...

Congratulations Mark!

I've also seen that mac nut oil here and there, but have been hesitent to try it. Next time I see it, I'll have to pick some up.

Anonymous said...

Salmon for breakfast... what a novel idea! from your friend, the salmon-for-breakfast-eater.