Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I wanted to share a little link love today:

Simon who runs this site has done a fantastic job, and the blog is full of great information. Look for a guest post coming up. One of the posts I enjoyed recently was about about James Bond (Daniel Craig). Check it out!

My friend Steve has recently started another fantastic blog; THE DAILY BOTTLE

This wonderful blog showcases AFFORDABLE delicious wines. He even tells you were to find them. Thanks to Steve, I recently picked up a bottle for $5.99 that I would have never known about and the taste was truly outrages for a bottle of red wine at that price. Check it out.

Coming up next, the blogoshpere gets smaller.......I got some attention because of greek yogurt.



Anonymous said...

Wine and personalized workouts?? I'm definitely going to check out both those thinks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!! I second what Shanna said, wine and personalized workouts?!?!? Very cool!