Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Video....sort of

It's not your typical cooking video.....but hey it's a start. ;-)

(Obviously I forgot to mention one of the ingredients, a nice big handful of fresh Cilantro)
It took me about 90 minutes to grill the meat only turning it once. Kind of like "set it and forget it" lol. Seriously though, I grill this on indirect heat on an open grill. With some wood charcoal and wood I make a nice "center" fire. then I just position all the meat around that circle of fire. Non of the meat is directly over it. Now it can slow cook and all the smoke flavor can get in the meat. If you're going to try recipe, make A LOT. It's so versatile to have around for a few days. Slice it nice and thin and you can use it to toss over a quick salad, saute it up with some veggies or just as a little meat jerky snack.

It goes great with some guacamole;
Slice it nice and thin

If you have kids, give them extra hugs and kisses today.......why? Because you can never do it enough.

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Andy's Blog said...

Steak with evoo/garlic/cilantro/lime/etc. marinate. Wow sounds great. I'll keep that in mind next time. I just marinated and cooked some steaks tonite, but can never get enough.