Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Movement updates and some Fish eggs

Just a quick post to let you know about my progress trying to become a Bar-Barron and training for my 5K.

Thanks to Bryce (who has a wonderful blog and is a frequent commenter on Keith's blog) I've been trying to get the feeling of "weightless-ness" when doing a pull up. I'm trying to do a very quick pull up. No kipping.....just using my back muscles in the most efficient way. I'm using a backpack with and extra 25 pounds in there and doing mini sets of 2 to 3 very fast ones.
It's working so far as I notice it's getting easier. This in an effort to learn the "muscle up"
My last stats as follows:
Dips 36 and 4
Pull ups- 17 and 3
Push ups 22, YES! When I first started I could not bust out more then 5 after the dips and pull ups.
Muscle Ups 0

5k Training.
First off let me say that I'm really enjoying it. I'm coming in with an average pace of about 7:30.
Besides from regular sprinting, I have not "run" in a long time. 1st mile is usually in the 7:30 range, second one faster at 7:05 and then the last one around 8 minutes or a tad below. A little more then 4 weeks before race day. Since I shared with you all that I love my music, I do run with my ipod shuffle and it's amazing that when a good song comes on that it puts an extra "bounce" in your step. This weekend I will do a barefoot 1.5 mile beach run. I would like to run the 5K in under 23 minutes.

You will have to settle for a phone picture, but wanted to show you how my local sushi restaurant serves me Ikura/salmon roe sashimi style. I think I'm the only person in there that orders it sashimi style, when I first asked they were not sure how to serve it, but one of the guys figured out to put it in nice little cucumber "bowls". This is one delicious lunch and the salmon fish eggs are a great source of K2.

Feel Good Living thought of the day;

Pay attention......everything is connected. So try not to get to upset with people, we are all here to learn.....from one another.


Smoketheblowfish said...

Good luck with your 5k training, the numbers for your mile splits look good to me!

As far as 'weightless-ness' and pull ups, those are two words I have trouble even thinking about. My pull ups feel like I'm dragging 204lbs...go figure.



Greg said...

If you're making progress on doing a muscle-up, all the power in the world to you man! I'm trying to work my way up to a measly dozen pullups. Right now I can squeeze out 8 on a good day.

Jezwyn said...

YUM! Oh my word, if I could live on salmon roe, I would! But I can't find any decent access to it, apart from being sprinkled on sashimi salads or topping sushi, which I don't eat. Maybe I should look for a direct supplier... :D

Marc said...


One of the best pull up "helpers"
I've tried is doing the ladder.
do 1 then 2 and so on till 5, then back down. Do 3 to 5 sets.

See my comment to MikeZ, ladders really work. Try it sometime.

I know ;-)
G'd i love that stuff.
There are some online sources. But it seems difficult, to find wild salmon roe that's affordable.
Over the last year and a half, salmon roe pricing has sky rocketed, not sure why.
Thanks for leaving a comment ;-)

Andy's Blog said...

I always have the ipod going when I run. If I'm doing intervals, I tend to listen to superhumanradio, but if it is steady-state running, it is usually trance. The lucid, rhythmic beat just pushes me right along.

Keep at it with the 5k training.

Marc said...

I remember a while ago, when several bloggers posted people's work out music. I'd be embarrased to even share mine ;-)
Not your typical work out music. I listen to everything from Jack Johnson to the Gypsy Kings to Ziggy Marley to JayZ. All depends on my mood of the day. But It's really nice to run with the tunes. Had not thought about listening to SuperHuman, I'm going to try that, thanks!
Still going strong with the 5k