Tuesday, September 15, 2009

India,France and Music

Some grilled chicken Tikka. Well, the Feel Good Eating version anywho.

I'm not going to share the recipe of this one, as one day you can come eat it in my little restaurant. But try and mix some different spices and some lime juice, marinate for a day or so and then grill these little chicken thighs. One small trick, (and this will work with any chicken you might be grilling) when close to done, top with a little ghee, let it melt and flip over and apply again. It adds a wonderful buttery flavor. Grill and butter do I need to say anything else?

Here's something else for you to try when your short on time.

Don't really know what to call it, but an impromptu French stew.

In some butter I sauteed garlic and onion. Then added 8 ounces of cubed grass fed top round steak. Browned it a bit and then added some tomato sauce, small sliced garnet yam, splash of red wine and heavy cream. Just let it simmer for 30-45 minutes. I make this right when I come home from work. Then when it's simmering, I can straighten up a little, check the mail, let the dog out and listen to some music. Last night that was a little Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

"Not tragic to die doing what you love. You want the ultimate thrill, you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price. " Bodhi in Point Break, starring Patrick Swayze.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to eating in your little restaurant one day! "If you build it, they will come." hehe :-)
That stew looks absolutely DELICIOUS!! YUM YUM!!

Primal Mama said...

Absolutely cruel of you. That chicken looks divine!