Monday, July 9, 2007

Simple is good...

Early morning tennis workout involved lots of's around 82 at 7 in the morning lately. (Southwest Florida)

So drank a good amount of water and kept breakfast simple.
Some watemelon (3 medium size chunks) and almonds. around 15 or so.
Not very hungry.

Lunch; Keftedes. what you say????? Nothinh fancy, they are greek meatballs (many restaurants will use breadcrumbs in them) easy to make and very tasty. combined with Tzatziki. (yogurt, cucumber and garlic) Had it with lettuce and cucumber. You could easily have this if you are at a greek restaurant or deli. Just don't eat the pita bread ;-)

Dinner; organic red leaf lettuce, organic cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, cucumber (a lot of it), scallions and a the following dressing...... some vegenaise, little olive oil and roasted garlic balsamic vin. Makes a really yummy dressing and a little different. Try it.


Steve said...

Great stuff!

Marc said...

Thank you kind sir!