Monday, July 23, 2007

Pictures at last

Well, finally managed to take a picture this morning.

Breakfast was simple and for all you "I have no time" people out there, total prep time was 5 minutes.

Here we go, little olive oil, some scallions, 3-4 slices smoked salmon, stir and break up into pieces, top with a large heap of organic baby spinach. Stir.

One stalk of celery and a few pieces of pineapple and melon on the side.
Lunch; Quarter rotisserie chicken, half an avocado.
Snack was a small piece of dark chocolate.
Had my daughter over for dinner. She's my youngest one, for some alone time with Dad. (I have 4, so they need that every now and then) She loves steak, so we played "cooking show" she helped me and this is what we made. Small piece of grass fed rib-eye on the grill, large salad, and some tzatziki, (yogurt, garlic, cucumber, fresh ground pepper, little olive oil, salt.)
Glass of red wine for me, home made lemonade for her. We had a feast.

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